WyngMaster Super Duke
1st Place Photo
Ducks Unlimited Magazine 

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We are Professional Home Breeders raising Premier,
Field Quality, “Working” Lab pups in Ultimate Health.
Our pups are born and raised in the comfort of our
home until the day of their Home Placement.

Throughout our website, you will find pertinent information
about the Sire and Dam on each of our litters, Early Puppy
Training, Vet Care, Health Guarantee, Puppy Pics and
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  Our Goal and Commitment 

Our Goal and Commitment is Breeding in Excellence.
We have provided our clients with Premier, Working

Labradors in Ultimate Health for the past 15 years.
WyngMaster Labradors have strong Hunting, NFC,
NAFC, GMHR’s and GRHRCH Bloodlines

We focus on training our pups early and well, giving
them a Solid Foundation to become the Superior
“Working” Labrador that you would desire for
Hunt Tests, Hunting Upland Game and
Waterfowl, Field Trial Events or a
 Loving, Home Companion.

 Our Labs are versatile retrievers with the Razor’s Edge.
We invite you to browse through our website for details

on how we prepare our pups to be “Ready to Work”
for you.  You would be very proud to own
a WyngMaster.

Meeting Your Expectations  

You can expect Beautiful, Healthy, Field Prepped pups with the
Trainability, Desire and Prey Drive to be a Superior “Working”
These pups are great prospects for the Hunters,
Hunt Testers, Field Trialers, Search and Rescue Workers,
Service Dogs and other fields of work


Bingo Norman, Barbie and Dan Hosford holding Barbie’s
two new ribbons from her first NAHRA Hunt Test.
That’s an Awesome Achievement!!

    ”Barbie the Wonder Dog”   

Barbie performed extremely well in her 1st Started NAHRA
Hunt Test Labor Day week-end, Aug. 31 & Sept 1st, 2013.
At only 5 months old, she completed her first 2 passes
her NAHRA Started Hunting Retriever Title.
This has been a memorable week-end for 
and Bingo Norman of Kellogg, Idaho.

  Congratulations,  Bingo & Barbie !! 


Barbie’s First Duck and Goose Hunt
in Canada @ 6 1/2 Months Old.

~ 2013/2014 Hunting Season ~  

October thru November, 2013, Bingo and Barbie spent 9 weeks
in Canada doing what they love most …. Hunting Ducks and
Geese.  Wow!!  Not even a year old, Barbie was spectacular
and retrieved over 400 Ducks and Geese for Bingo over that
period of time.  He is so proud of his Barbie and so are we
here at WyngMaster Labradors of Tulsa.   

More pictures of Bingo and Barbie’s Hunting Trip on the page,
   “The Making of a Gun Dog.”   She is Simply Amazing!!

 ~ One Year Later ~
 October 1st, 2014

Bingo and Barbie are in Canada for another 9 weeks of
 spectacular Duck and Goose Hunting Extravaganza.
This will be a banner year for both Bingo and Barbie
as it
 is Barbie’s second Duck & Goose Season.
She is now 1 1/2 years old and well-advanced
in her r
etrieving abilities.

11/11/2014 – This is just days before a Northern Blast

out of Alaska froze the waters in Canada solid.
Ducks definitely will be migrating South
in abundance real soon.

 Ducks & Geese Beware … Bingo & Barbie are there!!



SHR WyngMaster’s Amazing Athena
Owners:  Gus Guzman & Amber Thompson
(Thunder/Suzy pup – Oct. 29th, 2013 Litter)

Athena earned HRC’s SHR Title on October 19th, 2014
at the Three River’s Hunt Test in Miami, Okla.

 Athena’s 5-Star Field Trainer:
Greg Mc Guffin – (580) 465-6910
Duckdogz Retriever Training
Stratford, Oklahoma


WR WyngMaster Playmate Barbie
(Suzy/Cane Litter – March, 2013)

Barbie achieved her Working Retriever Title
at the Spokane
Bird Dog Assn. on Aug. 23, 2014
at 1 1/2 years old.

Bingo and Jean Norman
Kellogg, Idaho

Congratulations to Barbie, Bingo and Jean

Barbie won the Distinguished 2014 NAHRA
Intermediate High Point Dog of the Year Award
Spokane Bird Dog Association

Barbie and Bingo Norman
February 7th, 2015

Congratulations …  Job well done!!


Honor achieved his AKC Senior Hunter Title
at the Lassen,
Calif. Retriever Club
on August 10th &11th, 2013

Stephanie McClure
Las Vegas, Nevada

     Congratulations, Honor and Stephanie!!   

Honor is a littermate to Rayder that is
pictured below. (Suzy/Chief Litter)

Gavin & WyngMaster Pirate of the Plundered Fowl, M.H.
(Rayder is from the Suzy/Chief Litter – Dec. 2009)

Rayder achieved his AKC Master Hunter Title at the Bryan
College Station Retriever Club in Texas on October 13th
and 14th, 2012. 
We have plans for a new and exciting
Field Trial Career for Rayder in the Spring of 2013.

Gavin Bell – Duncan, Okla.

 Congratulations, Rayder and Gavin!!


WyngMaster’s Ace of Spades  
Ace struttin’ his stuff on his very first hunting trip.   Look at all

the geese that Ace has retrieved … a
goose fetchin’ machine
at 11 months old.  Ace has become
an Outstanding hunting
dog and I couldn’t be happier.  

Donald Dickison
Dingman’s Ferry, Pennsylvania

First day of Pheasant Season, Don and Ace got their limit
of pheasants for the day. They have a limit of two per day
in this area of Pennsylvania where pheasants are not
plentiful.  Throughout the 2012/2013 hunting season,
Ace flushed 209 pheasants.  That’s Outstanding!!


Ace on Opening Day of Duck Season 

 A month later, Ace lived up to his name on Opening Day
of Duck Hunting.  Ace’s performance in the field has
   been simply Outstanding for being just a year old.

Donald Dickison and his wife, Mary, drove 2,750
to Tulsa and back to Pennsylvania to fetch
Ace for their new 
Hunting & Home Companion.

  Young Hunters with their WyngMasters 

Stephen, Sir Biddle and Ted Pelzel
Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas

Nikolas and Peyton Galbraith of Bella Vista, Ark.
and their faithful
retriever, Marley, with a limit
of ducks on a foggy, early morning hunt
with their Dad, Michael. 

Our pups have been placed with Loving, Caring families
throughout the U.S.-
Idaho, California, Colorado, Nevada
New Mexico, Texas,
Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri,
Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee,
Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

  Happy, Satisfied Clients  

Our clients are very pleased with their WyngMaster
Labradors.  We are very confident that you, too,
will be extremely happy with a WyngMaster pup.
We strive for customer satisfaction and attain it.


 for visiting our website today.
Have a Blessed Day!!  

Sue Christianson

  WyngMaster Labradors  
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    Celebrating Our 15th Year of Breeding in Excellence   

We thank the Service Men and Women who are
currently serving our country a
nd the Veterans
who have served in the past.  God Bless You!!