Suzy & Chief’s Memorial Page


Dam:  WyngMaster K-9 Super Sue
August 30th, 2005 – January 15th, 2016 

Suzy was a Gorgeous, 75 lb American Lab with an incredible
working pedigree that included Outstanding Hunting Dogs,
Prominent NFC, NAFC, Canadian National Field Champions
and numerous National Retriever Hall of Famers.
We will truly miss you, Sweet Beauty Queen.

Sire:  Rising Star of Super Chief
April 22, 2000 – January 16, 2014

Chief was Suzy’s mate for all the years Suzy had pups
and they were some of the finest pups in Oklahoma.
It wasn’t long before clients across the nation came
to get their puppies.  Their pups are in 16 states.
All of our clients have been so
with their Chief and Suzy pups.

Chief lived a long, happy life with us.  He was 13 years
and 9 months old when he passed on to Doggy Heaven.
Chief, we miss you, too, my Handsome Man.  We have
precious memories of you, Suzy and all your puppies.


SUZY'S 2009 PUPSSuzy was a very nurturing Momma and she loved
her puppies.  Suzy passed away on Jan. 16th, 2016
Our awesome Stud dog, Rising Star of Super Chief
passed away on Jan. 16th, 2014.  Suzy’s last litter
with Chief was in May, 2011.  Suzy whelped
some of the finest Lab pups in the State
of Oklahoma.

Miss Nelli is now our primary breeding female.
Nelli and Thunder have Awesome, Well-Bred
pups just like Chief and Suzy did.   Thunder
and Nelli are carrying our breeding program
forward for WyngMaster Labradors.


Future Breeding Female

WyngMaster Sweet Sue is our new puppy.
She is extremely Well-Bred and
has one of
the finest Chocolate pedigrees
in the nation.
She will be our future breeder when she
matures at 2 years old and has all her
Genetic Health Clearances


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