About Suzy & Trafford’s Black & Choc. Litter


Upcoming Litter of Premier
“Working” Labradors

SUZY - 4TH OF JULY - 2017  Dam:  SHR WyngMaster Sweet Sue (Suzy) 
AKC Reg. # SR886442/05
UKC Reg. # R-255-691

Suzy is our Gorgeous, 60 lb. American Labrador that
is our Hunting and Hunt Test Companion.  She earned
her SHR title this past April and will test for her Hunting
Retriever title in October.

Suzy has been bred and we project that Suzy will have
her High Performance, Black and Chocolate pups
Thanksgiving Week-end.   They’ll be 4 weeks old on
Christmas and will be Ready for Home Placement
January 6th thru the 8th..

:) Pregnancy Confirmed on October 23rd.  :) 

Begin your New Year with the Joy, Love and Happiness
of a new puppy when all the Christmas and New Year
Festivities are over …  A great time to take home
a new puppy.   Ready to Go:  January 6th – 8th.

Suzy’s Outstanding 5 generation pedigree is stacked with
Prominent NFC/NAFC’s, FC/AFC’s, HRCH’s & GRHRCH’s
Including these “Phenomenal” Labs in her Pedigree:

FC, AFC, CFC, CAFC Barracuda Blue, M.H.,
(The Only Choc. Lab with 5 Major Field titles.)
GRHRCH, 5x SRSA Champion, Spring River’s
Yankee Captain,  3x MNH, QAA (Jeter)
(2015 Master National Hall of Famer)
GRHRCH Gator Point’s Magnum Gentle Ben,
Master Hunter, QAA
(Very Prominent Lab in HRC History)

3x GRHRCH, UH Dakota Cajun Roux, M.H.,
(Currently #1 Stud Dog  in Lab History)
13x GRHRCH Missy’s Cajun Dakota, M.H.,
(In HRC’s Prestigious 2000 Points Club)
The “All-Time Great” in Field Trial History,
NFC, 2x NAFC Super Chief
(National Retriever F.T. Hall of Famer)

and many, many more.

  Suzy’s Pups Prestigious Grand Sire  

GRHRCH, 5x SRSA Champion, Spring River’s
Yankee Captain, 3x MNH, QAA (Jeter)

Jeter was inducted into the Master National Hall of Fame
in the fall of 2015.  Jeter is smashing National Records.
In March, 2017, Jeter won his 5th Super Retriever
Series Amateur Championship.  He is the only
Chocolate Lab to ever win the SRS Amateur
Championship 5 times.

Jeter will run for the 2017 Nat’l SRS Crown Championship
title, Oct. 25th thru the 29th. in Huntsville, Alabama. If Jeter
should win
the SRS Crown Champion title, he will be the
only Chocolate Labrador
in the nation to ever win that
title in the history
of the Super Retriever Series Crown
Jeter is simply Amazing!!


SUZY AND LARRY - ODDEN PIC (3).Suzy is a power driven 2 year old that’s now
in training with her Pro-Trainer, Larry Naas
of Big N Kennels of Adair, Oklahoma.

Suzy is doing extremely well in her training.
Larry will test Suzy again for her HR title
at the Texoma Hunt Test in October.

We appreciate Kristine Odden, Retriever Memories,
for taking these beautiful pictures at the
3 Rivers Hunt Test last April.


  Sire:  HR WyngMaster Trafford Whitby Jet  
AKC Reg. # SR940920/10
UKC Reg. # R-254-071

Trafford is a very Intelligent,  Handsome, 67 lb. High
Performance, American Lab that earned his SHR title
at the early age of eight months old.  At 13 mos. old,
he performed flawlessly for his Hunting Retriever title.
Trafford will test for his HRCH title in the Spring.

Trafford’s s owner is Garry Monkman of Wauconda,
Illinois. Garry is anticipating a great Hunting Season
this year with Trafford at his side.  Trafford is
everything you dream of in a “Working” Lab.

Hunting season has already begun for Trafford.
He will have a full and active season of hunting

Pheasant, Ruffed Grouse, Sharp Tail Grouse,
Woodcock, Partridge, Quail and Waterfowl
in Illinois, Wisconsin.and in Michigan.
He will have hundreds of birds shot
over him this hunting season.

Trafford’s Amazing 5 generation pedigree is also
stacked with
Prominent NFC/NAFC’s, FC/AFC’s,
Including these
“Phenomenal” Labs in his pedigree:

The famous 1996 NFC/AFC Riptide Star,

(The only Choc. Lab to attain an NFC title in F.T. History)
GRHRCH Gator Pts. Magnum Gentle Ben, M.H., QAA,
(Prominent Lab in HRC History)
2x NAFC, 2x CNAFC, FC/AFC Ebonstar Lean Mac
(National Retriever F. T. Hall of Famer)
FC/AFC, CFC/CAFC Barracuda Blue, M.H.,
(Historical Field Champion in Field Trial history)
The “Phenomenal” 8x Grand Champion,
McMac Magic Eye’s A’Smilin’, M.H., QAA,
(Prominent Lab in HRC Hstory)
and the “All-Time Great” in Field Trial History,
NFC, 2x NAFC Super Chief
(National Retriever F.T. Hall of Famer)

and many, many more.


  Pups 5 Generation Working Lab Pedigree  


:)  Pups will have 52 of the 120 National Retriever  :)
Field Trial Hall of Famers in their pedigree.

Phenomenal Pedigree …..  Phenomenal Pups


Your Puppy Pak

You will receive a copy of their 52 Hall of Famers
in your Puppy Pak, along with Colored Pictures
of their Sire, Dam and some of their Prominent
Ancestors.  Your Puppy Pak will also include:
their 3 Generation “Working”
Pedigree, Health
Record and a Copy of their Genetic Health
Test Results.

Your AKC and UKC Registration Forms will be in your
puppy pak, too.  They will be properly filled out
and will be ready to be mailed back
to the AKC and the UKC.


  PennHip and Pre-OFA Genetic Health Certificates  

Suzy’s PennHip Xray – Good
(Suzy is in the Higher 90th Percentile)
Trafford’s Hip X-ray – Good

Suzy’s Elbow Xray – Normal
Trafford’s Elbow X-ray – Normal
Both their Eye Exams – Normal

:)  Trafford and Suzy are EIC/CNM – Clear  :)
(Very important when choosing a puppy.)


  30 Month Genetic Health Guarantee  

Most breeders offer a 24 or 26 month guarantee.
We offer our clients a 30 Month Genetic Health
Replacement Guarantee should your pup be
diagnosed with Hip or Elbow Dysplasia by the
or is diagnosed by a Vet Ophthalmologist
to have the Eye Diseases, PRA or CPRA.

We also guarantee our clients that your pup is
“Genetically Clean” and that our Breeding Program
has been “Free and Clear” of Genetic Defects
since the inception of WyngMaster Labradors
17 years ago. 
We have one of the “Finest”
Guarantees on the market.

  We back our Genetic Health Guarantee 100% 


  Trafford and Suzy’s Waiting List  

Right now, we are concentrating on getting our
Early Bird Clients the lowest price possible for
one of our High Performance-Bred pups.

Our Males and Females – $1,250

That is a Savings of $200 for my Early Birds..

~ Now Accepting Deposits ~

Deposit to Reserve – $600

The Remainder of $650 is paid in cash
when picking up your puppy.

We appreciate our Early Bird Clients and we are
happy to extend this offer to you.   There are
picks available right now, so take advantage
of this Special Offer today and join the clients
that are already on our Early Bird Waiting List.
Thank you for your interest and consideration
of a WyngMaster puppy.

You’ll receive AKC/UKC Full Registration
Privileges At No Extra Cost to You.

Black Females – Open
1st Pick – Reserved for Gerry Kruschka – Wisc.

2nd Pick – Reserved for Jesse & Linzie Hammett – Okla.
3rd Pick – Your Name Here

Black Males – Open
1st Pick – Reserved – WyngMaster
2nd Pick – Your Name here


Chocolate Females – Open
1st Pick – Reserved – WyngMaster 
2nd Pick – Reserved for Adrian Duque – Chino, Calif.
3rd Pick – Reserved for  Max Tempesta – Okla.
4th Pick – Your Name here

Chocolate Males – Open
1st Pick – Reserved – WyngMaster
2nd. Pick – Your Name Here

We will call our clients on October 23rd when Suzy
is confirmed pregnant.  Your $600 Deposit will be
refunded to you in full, in a timely manner,
if the puppy you reserve is not born.
Our clients are not required to go
to the next waiting list.

Please call 918 834-1234 if you have the desire
for a WyngMaster
pup.  I want to answer all your
questions regarding this exceptinal litter.

for taking an interest in a WyngMaster
  Have a “Blessed” Day!!

Vicki Stuart, Cute Little Suzy & Sue Christianson

WyngMaster Labradors of Tulsa
Call:  (918) 834-1234
  Breeding In Excellence for 17 years.  

Presented to us:  Aug. 19th, 2015


God Bless America!!