Our Premier Pups

WyngMaster Labradors of Tulsa has specialized in Premier,
Home Bred, Field Prepped Lab pups for the past 17 years.
We are not a kennel … We are Professional, Licensed
Home Breeders who provide our clients with some
of the finest Labradors in the State of Oklahoma.

Our pups are born and raised in the comfort of our home.
We are proactive in socializing our pups and giving them
Individual Attention.  Each pup is given an Abundance
of Tender Loving Care from the day they’re born until
the day of home placement.    Our pups are given
Early Gun Dog Puppy Training to become
Superior Working Labradors.

When the puppies are ready for Home Placement,
you will receive a Healthy Puppy and a
Puppy Pak
with the following paperwork: 

   AKC and UKC Registration Papers properly filled
out & ready to mail back to the AKC & UKC. 

    Pups Complete Veterinary Health Record including
their shots, wormings & their Veterinary Care.

    Sire and Dam’s Genetic  Health Certifications and
a 30 Month Genetiic
Health Guarantee

      A Beautiful, Colored Booklet with pictures of the Sire,
Dam and some Ancestors of Distinction.

  You will also receive a list of your pups 52 Prominent
Hall of Fame Ancestors and your Pup’s Awesome,
3 Generation Pedigree.     


Dr. Sarah and her Veterinary Assistant
Catoosa Small Animal Clinic

Veterinary Care  

Ultimate Health is our #1 goal for our breeding pair and all

of our pups.  We meet this goal year after year, saving our
clients “Mega Bucks” in Veterinary Care.   Suzy and Nelli
are Vet checked periodically during their
gestation period
for their health and the health
of their puppies. 

 After our pups are born, they’re taken to Dr. Sarah for their
Well Puppy Exam and to have their Dew Claws
removed at 3 days old.   We worm our pups at the
proper intervals with Strongid, which is Vet issued
worming medicine, at 3, 4 1/2 and 6 weeks old.
Our pups are groomed frequently and kept free
of fleas and internal parasites.

 Before our pups go to their new families, they get their
6 week Well-Puppy Exam and their first in a series of
Puppy Shots.  Our clients will continue to take their
puppy to their Vet at 9, 12 and 16 weeks old for their
complete series of shots including their Rabies Shot.

Healthy Food – Healthy Pets
      First Taste of Milk    

We begin weaning our pups at 3 weeks old.  They learn
quickly to lap their own milk and chow down on Soft
Bil-Jac, which is very nutritious.    We change them
over to Wellness Hard Puppy Food at 5 weeks old
and they are totally weaned by 6 weeks old.

We encouage our clients to keep their puppy on Wellness
Puppy Food or an equivalent for continued good health.
Wellness Puppy Food – Chicken, Salmon and Oatmeal is
one of the finest puppy foods
on the market.  There are
fillers of Corn, Wheat, Soy nor Chemical Preservatives
promoting Well – Developed pups in Ultimate Health.


Are you looking for an Extremely Healthy,
Field Prepped pup to Love and Share
your life with?

We’re very dedicated in providing our clients with Premier pups
in Ultimate Health with Early Gun Dog Puppy Training.  Even
though expenses are very extensive to attain this quality of a
litter of Gun Dog pups, we do not cut any corners.

We breed and train our pups to be Superior “Working” Labs.
If you are searching for a Lab pup to work for you, one that
has been Field Prepped to be an Outstanding “Working”
Labrador in the future or to be your Family Companion,
please give us a call.  I will answer
all your questions.
These pups are definitely 
worth your investment. 


The AKC & UKC registers three colors of Labradors,
Yellow, Chocolate and Black.

WyngMaster bloodlines conform to the Color Standard
set forth by the AKC & UKC.  Of the three Registered
colors, Suzy and Nelli will birth Black and/or Chocolate
puppies depending on the Color Factors of the Sire.

We can not breed Yellows Puppies
as our breeding females are Chocolate,
nor do we breed any Dilute Colored pups. 

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Gorgeous Miss Delta @ 6 weeks old …  just before
she left for her new home in Alabama.

WyngMaster Labradors of Tulsa
Sue Christianson
(918) 834-1234

  17th Year of Breeding in Excellence

God Bless America!!