Puppy Pics – Thunder/Nelli’s – Mar., 2016

Sire:  WyngMaster Dakota Thunder Roux
D.O.B. – January 25th, 2010
Thunder is AKC/UKC Registered

Dam:  SageCreek’s Benelli with a Bang, Bang
D.O.B. – July 5th, 2010
Nelli is AKC/UKC Registered

Delta is AKC/UKC Registered    
AKC Reg. Number – SR 920104/01
UKC Reg. Number – R 261-161



 Retriever Hall of Fame Heritage

Delta‘s Retriever Hall of Fame Heritage includes 48
of the 120 Prestigious Labradors inducted
into the
National Retriever Field Trial Hall of Fame.

Mike and Diane Jernigan will receive a list
of Delta’s Outstanding
Hall of Famers
in their Puppy Pak.

I sincerely want to thank Mike and Diane Jernigan of
Huntsville, Alabama for purchasing this beautiful,
stunning little girl.   Delta
will give you so much
Love and Joy for many years to come.  Enjoy!!


  Adorable Pictures of Lil’ Miss Delta 

Born:  March 9th, 2016
Ready to Go – April 23rd.


WyngMaster Southern Delta Roux

4/22 –  Delta is now 6 1/2 weeks old and ready to go home
tomorrow with Mike and Diane Jernigan to Huntsville,
Alabama.  She will be well taken care of and will have
a great  life.  Bye, Bye Sweetie Pie. 


4/20 – Delta at 6 weeks old being introduced
to the full-bodied duck.


4/13 – Delta @ 5 weeks old- 9 lbs.  She is growing up
so fast
and getting more beautiful each day!!
Another week,
Mike and Diane Jernigan will
be here to take
their “Sweet” Delta Roux home.


4/13 – Another great pic of Delta taken this week.


April 13th – Delta @ 5 weeks old –  she has a well-developed
nose and loves to scent the
Waterfowl and Upland wings.
Delta is a Great scenter and posesses Natural pointing
ability. Look at that tail pointing straight out.
She is Awesome for a puppy her age!!


4/10 – Delta is 4 1/2 weeks old – 8 1/2 lbs.  She is doing
extremely well with her Outdoor Potty Training.
She has begun her Crate Training this week 

and she loves her Hidey-Hole.  She goes in
her crate all by herself and drags her Monkey
and Snake in there with her and beds down.
Aah!!  She’s an awesome puppy!!


4/10 – Miss Delta with my Great-Nephew,
Brayden Bond, who simply fell in Love
with her.  2 hours of
great socialization
time f
or Delta.


4/6 – Delta is 4 weeks old …  Weighs 7 lbs already.
She’s getting to be a “Big Girl.”

4/6 – Delta is now lapping her own milk
and eating her Bil-Jac,. She will be

completely weaned this week.

4/6 – Delta is progressing well in her wing training.
Here she is already picking up this pheasant
wing and very proudly pranced
all around
with it..


April 2nd …  Delta – 3 1/2 weeks old, 6 1/2 lbs.   She is
getting Big and Beautiful!!  She is now lapping
her own milk and loves
her Bil-Jac.


Delta loves to play with her new ball
that lights up and gets her attention.


March 30th – Delta is 3 weeks old and growing
so fast.  Already 6 lbs.  She’s sitting, barks
 and is very steady in her walking.  By next
week, she will be at a “Hot Trot.”

Delta will begin her weaning process this
week by learning to lap her own milk.
Then, she will start on Bil-Jac, which
she will dearly love.  She is so sweet
and I am enjoying raising
this darling little girl.



March 27th – Getting Delta ready for Easter.
She is 2 1/2 weeks old, 5 1/2 lbs
and getting cuter each day!!


3/25 – Introducing Delta to the Pheasant wing.  She really
took to the scent of the Pheasant.  She followed the
scent of the Pheasant wing to the middle of the box.
Delta is going
to be a good little scenter.


3/23 – Delta is 2 weeks old today.  She is already sitting
and walking. 
I heard her give her Mommy a loud
bark today. 
She is already 4 lbs, extremely
healthy and
seems to be bigger every time
she wakes
up.  Nelli loves her Delta Roux
and Mom and pup are
doing great!!


3/23 – Delta has begun her wing training.  First on Duck,
then she will
progress to other Upland and Waterfowl
before she goes to her new home.


3/18 – Peek-A Boo … I see you!! Delta opened her eyes
 today at 9 days old … the youngest I’ve ever had a pup
open their eyes. She is now pulling herself up on her
feet …. she wobbles and falls over.   She
is so
strong and determined,  she keeps trying to
get up on her feet

She’s advancing very quickly and will be walking pretty
steady by next
week and will be able to sit up. She isn’t
lacking for nourishment
as she nows weighs 3 1/2  lbs
and s
he’s getting sweeter by the day!!


March 16th – Delta @ 1 week old …. She is growing like
a weed!!  She is now 2 1/2 lbs … extremely Happy and
Healthy puppy.  Momma has nourishing milk to keep
Delta Healthy and Robust.  She should have her
eyes open within this next week.  She’s a sweet
little girl that loves to be held and loved.  She
already gives me kisses back!!  Momma and
Delta are doing well.


NELLI'S MISS GIGI - MAR. 2016March 12th – Lil’ Miss Delta is 3 days old today.  She went
for her Well-Puppy Exam and the Vet deemed her extremely
strong and healthy.  She
had her Dew Claws removed today
and had a Vitamin K shot,  . She’s nursing well and
growing fast.   She now weighs 1 1/2 pounds.


Mar. 9th, 2016 – Newborn Pics
Nelli and her two precious pups.  They are Strong
and Healthy. 
She has them all cleaned up and
ready to rest after a long
night in labor.
Momma and puppies are doing great!!

Newborn Pic of “Lil’ Miss Delta”

Beautiful Female – First born @ 5;40 a.m.
on Wednesday, March 9th.  She weighs 1 lb.
She’s just as cute as she can be!!



Newborn Pic of “Big Boy”

Mar. 9th – Delta’s Big, Handsome  Brother was born
at  8:20 A.M.
and weighed 1 1/2 lbs.

March 10th –  “Big Boy” passed away this afternoon.
Sweet Little One …..  Nelli will meet you one day
at the Rainbow Bridge,

for visiting our website today.
Have a Blessed Day!!
 Sue Christianson
WyngMaster Labrador
 (918) 834-1234

  17th Year of Breeding in Excellence   

God Bless America