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Welcome to Suzy and Trafford’s
Adorable Puppy Pics Page.

Enjoy Beautiful pictures of Suzy and Trafford’s
pups that will be posted each week as they are
growing and being prepared for their
Home Placement.


Litter Registration has been recently mailed
to the
AKC and UKC – Registration Pending.


Meet Our All-American Gal, Suzy!!

SUZY - 4TH OF JULY - 2017  Dam:  SHR WyngMaster Sweet Sue (Suzy)
AKC Reg. # SR886442/05
UKC Reg. # R-255-691


Meet Suzy’s All-American Pal, Trafford!!

Sire:  HR WyngMaster Trafford Whitby Jet 
AKC Reg. # SR940920/10
UKC Reg. # R-254-071


Trafford and Suzy”s Waiting List  

We want to thank the following families for
purchasing a WyngMaster puppy that will
give you and your family many years of
Love, Joy and Happiness.

Ready to Go:  January 4th – 7th.

4 Chocolate Males – Reserved
1st Pick – Max Tempesta – Oklahoma
Selection Day – Tuesday, Dec. 19th – 7:00 P.M.
Pick Up Puppy Day – Pending

2nd  Pick – Bill & Laura Sampson, Texas
Selection Day – Wed. – Dec. 20th – 12:30
Pick Up Puppy Day -Pending

3rd Pick – Jerry & Marcella Yoder – Oklahoma
Selection Day – Thursday, Dec. 21st – 10:00 A.M.
Pick Up Puppy Day – Pending

4th Pick – Conrad Schonacher – Oklahoma
Selection Day – Friday, Dec. 22nd. – 3 P.M.
Pick Up Puppy Day  Pending

1 Chocolate Female – Reserved
1st Pick – Gary & Julie Hrbacek – Oklahoma
Selection Day – Pending – Will call for appt.
Pick Up Puppy Day – Pending


2 Black Females – Reserved
1st Pick – Gerry Kruschka – Wisconsin
Selection via my Website – Dec. 18th. – 7 P.M.
Pick Up Puppy Day – Pending

2nd Pick – Jesse & Linzie Hammett – Oklahoma
Selection Day – Friday- Dec. 22nd – 1 P.M.
Pick Up Puppy Day – Pending


1 Black Male – Reserved
1st Pick – Pat and Karen Eagan – Oklahoma
12/10 – Selected:  WyngMaster Moab Hunter
Pick Up Puppy Day – Pending



  Pups 5 Generation Working Lab Pedigree

:)  Pups will have 52 of the 120 National Retriever  :)
Field Trial Hall of Famers in their pedigree.

Phenomenal Pedigree  …….  Phenomenal Pups


We welcome you to see more beautiful
pics of the our pups each week.

December 15th – Dec. 22nd.
3rd Week to the 4th week.

12/16 – This is Selection Week

12/18 – Gerry Kruschka of Wisc. has 1st Pick of these two
females today. 
Linzie Hammett of Lawton, Okla. will have
the 2nd female.

Female #1 –  Black & White Collar
3 1/2 weeks -4 1/3 lbs.

Female #1 – Scenting Pheasant

Female #1 – Duck


Female #2 – Turquoise Collar
3 1/2 weeks – 4 lbs.

Female #2 – Scenting Pheasant

Female #2 – Duck


12/16 – This is the 2nd week that Moab, 3 weeks old, has
scenting his owners shirt and his ammunition pak.
I give him the command:  Find it  and he uses his nose
to find both.  He is amazing and with his future training,
he will be an awesome Bomb
Snifffing K-9
here in the Tulsa area.


December 8th – December 14th
2nd week to the 3rd week.

12/14 – Puppies are 3 weeks old today.  They have
grown immensely in the last 3 weeks.  We have
already started to wean them.  They can now
lap their own milk and  will soon start eating
Bil-Jac.  That is Yum, Yum and they
sure do love it.

Female – Black & White Collar

Male – Moab

Female – Turquoise Collar

Ch. Female – Tan Collar

Black Collar – Male

Red Collar – Male

Blue Collar – Male

Orange Collar – Male


12/12 – Scenting day for the pups scenting
fresh Duck wings.  Thank you, Bill Mc Carthy
for supplying us with these fresh wings.

Our One and Only Chocolate Female

Chocolate Male #1

Chocolate Male #2

Chocolate Male #3

Chocolate Male #4.

Black Female #1



The Patrick Eagan Family

12/10 – Patrick Eagan of Tulsa brought his family,
Karen, Kayla and Shawn
to see their new puppy
this evening.  They gave him his
first taste
of milk and he just loved it.

Nice picture of Shawn enjoying his time
with their new puppy.

WyngMaster Moab Hunter

Moab Hunter is in training to be a Bomb Sniffing
K-9.  The 1st Bomb Sniffing K-9 for WyngMaster
Labradors.  Here he is sniffing Ammunition
Powder wrapped tightly in a powder bag.
He was all over this bag and scented it
for some length of time.  He is going to
make an awesome Bomb Sniffing K-9
working right here in Tulsa.

Patrick trains Bomb Sniffing K-9’s for the
Tulsa Police Department.  He got his name
Moab, which means:
Massive Ordnance
Air Blast 
(Mother Of All Bombs.)DSCN5096 (2)
Moab must also learn the scent of his master by
scenting him to apparel that Patrick wears.
He’s taking a good whiff of Pat’s tee shirt.


December 1st – December 7th
1 week to 2 week old

Dec. 7th – Suzy’s pups are now 2 weeks old.  They
now have their eyes and can sit upright and can
walk on all 4’s.  Won’t be long before they will be
running.  Fast Learners!!

2 Black Females and 1 Black Male.

The largest of the Black Females.

One and only Black Male (Moab)

The smaller of the Black Females,
but not by much!!


4 Chocolate Males and 1 Choc, Female

Chocolate Male #1 – Largest Choc, Male

Chocolate Male #2 – Almost as big as #1.

Chocolate Male #3

Chocolate Male  #4

SUZY'S CHOC. FEMALE - EYES OPEN - 2 WKS.One and only Chocolate Female.
Such a “Beauty Queen.”


Dec. 3rd – 10 Days old today – Pups are beginning their
scent training with the Pheasant wings in preparation
for them becoming future Working Labradors.
Thank you, Garry Monkman, for
supplying us
with the wings for the youngins.  Next week,
they will be on Duck wings.

Chocolate Male #1

Chocolate Male #2

Chocolate Male #3

Chocolate Male #4 – Largest of the Choc. Males.

The only Chocolate Female


Black Female #1

Black Female #2

The only Black Male.  He will be scented to
different Explosive material
to be a future
Bomb Sniffing K-9.


November 23rd – November 30th
Birth to 1 week old

Nov. 28th – Puppies are 5 days old and growing like weeds.
Suzy definitely has very nutritional milk for her youngins.
They are Happy, Healthy pups that move from one end
of their whelping box to the end with ease.  They make
all kind of sounds …  one is already Barking.

This is their Beautiful Chocolate Sister.


Now for the 2 Black Beauty Queens!!

Female #1
Female #2

This is their Brother, the only Black Male in the litter,
who is going to be trained to become a Certified
Bomb Sniffing Dog working right here in Tulsa.


Nov. 25th – We took the puppies to the Vet today
for their Well-Being Exam and their Dew Claws
removed.  Tony of Catoosa Small Animal
Hosp. loved seeing Suzy and her puppies
and took very good care of those little
ones today.

We have been using Catoosa Small Animal Hosp.
for 10 years for the best service for our three labs
and their puppies. 
They are kind, considerate
and extremely
knowledgeable and give
the best of care.


SUZY NV. 2017 LITTERNovember 23rd, 2017 – Thanksgiving Day!!
Suzy has 8 adorable puppies.

1st.  Born – Chocolate Male – 1 lb.

2nd Born – Black Male – 1 1/4 lb.

3rd Born – Black Female – 1 lb.

4th Born – Chocolate Female – 1 lb.

5th Born – Chocolate Male – 1 lb.

6th Born – Black Female – 1 lb.

7th Born – Chocolate Male – 1 1/4 lb.

8th Born – Chocolate Male – 1 1/4 lbs.

The pups will be 4 weeks old on Christmas
and will be Ready for Home Placement
January 4th thru the 7th.


for visiting our website today.
Have a “Blessed” Day!!

Vicki Stuart, Cute Little Suzy
and Sue Christianson
WyngMaster Labradors of Tulsa

(918) 834-1234
  Breeding In Excellence for 17 years.  


God Bless America!!