Puppy Pics – Big N/Nelli’s Pups – Dec. 2016


Welcome to Big N and Nelli’s
Adorable Puppy Pics Page.  Enjoy!!

Litter Born on Dec. 22nd, 2016.
This litter has been Registered
with the AKC and UKC.

AKC Litter Reg. – SR965891/01-06
UKC Litter Reg. – R-247/806-811

Miss Nelli is an All-American gal.

Dam:  SageCreek’s Benelli
With A Bang Bang (Miss Nelli)
D.O.B. – July 5th, 2010
Weighs approx. 75 lbs.

~ Dual Registered ~
AKC Reg.  SR632010/03

UKC Reg. – R-243-193

Sire:  HRCH Big’N Chocolate Mousse, M.H.
D.O.B – August 9th, 2011
Weighs approx. 80 lbs.

~ Dual Registered ~
AKC Reg. Number – SR-696696/01
UKC Reg. Number – R-227-821


 Big N and Nelli’s Pups “Working” Lab Pedigree 


”Lineage of Prominent Field Champions”

Outstanding Pedigree  …….  Outstanding Pups!!

I would like to thank all our clients who have purchased
Big N and Nelli’s Beautiful puppies.  Your new puppy
will give you and your family many, many years

of Love, Joy and Happiness.  Enjoy!!

Sue Christianson
WyngMaster Labradors
of Tulsa

2/24/2017 – Beautiful Maia is the last puppy to go
to her forever home in Blanchard, Oklahoma.
Maia goes home today with Renee, Melanie

and Gary Carter.  They just adore her and was
so “Happy” and “Excited” to take her home.

2/11 – Renee Carter holding her new fur-baby,
Faithful Maia with her
Brother, Michael and
Baby Melanie.
They had a very nice visit with Maia today.

2/09 – Maia is 7 weeks old and weighs a hefty 16 1/2 lbs.
Big, Beautiful puppy!!  She’s going home with Gary
and Renee Carter of Blanchard, Okla. on Feb. 24th.
She’ll be so happy going to a Loving, Caring Home!! 

  Going Home Pics 

2/01/2017 – Pups are 6 weeks old and 5 of the pups
are going to new homes this week. 
is excited to be taking home 
Loving Fur-Babies.

WyngMaster Paisley Ann with her new family,
The Blagburns – Caleb, Jacob, Terry and Laurie
of Blue Ridge, Texas.


WyngMaster Rowdy Disco with his new owner,
Kevin Joyce family of Tulsa, Okla.


WyngMaster Clark Samson is Ronna Poston’s
puppy.  He is going to be a country boy living
at Brushy Lake in Salisaw, Okla.  Enjoy Ronna!!


The Poindexter Family welcoming home WyngMaster
Batter-up Brooklyn.  Brenden Poindexter was
granted his Make A Wish puppy and was so
Happy to be able to take Brooke home to
Love and Enjoy for years to come.

We had a celebration of the Gift of Life that Make-A-Wish
Brenden Poindexter.  This puppy is an instrument
of the Lord that will help Brenden win his fight against
cancer and will keep his spirits up each day.


WyngMaster Maurice’s Grizzly Bear is the first pup
to go to his new home with Maurice Campbell,
Laura Bilbruck and her son, Cal.  They were
so delighted to take Bear and give him
a Loving Home.


1/27/2017 – Pups being scented to Pheasant
and Duck Wings, Full-Bodied Duck
and a Goose Wing.

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More pics to come this week.


  Pics from Four Weeks to 5 Weeks old 
1/19/2017 thru 1//26//17

1/26 – Pups are 5 weeks old and growing leaps
and bounds.  They are chowing down on their
Bil-Jac and “Love it: ”  They have been wormed
 3 times now and all are doing extremely well
in their Growth and Development.

Miss Maia – 9 1/2 lbs.

Miss Paisley Ann – 8 1/2 lbs.

Miss Brooke – 8 lbs.

Mr. Bear – Whoppin’ 10 1/2 lbs.

Disco Man – 9 1/2 lbs.

Samson – 6 lbs.  Tiny but Mighty!!


  Pics from Three Weeks to 4 Weeks  old 
1/14/2017 thru 1//19/17

1/19 – Pups are 4 weeks old today.
Getting Big and Beautiful!!

Samson @ 4 1/2 lbs.

Disco @ 7 lbs.

Mr. Bear @ 8 lbs.

The Females are all good size, too,
and growing like weeds!!

Miss Brooke – 7 lbs.

Miss Paisley Ann – 7 1/4 lbs.

Miss Maia – 7 3/4 lbs.


1/14 – This week, we have begun the process of
weaning our pups.  They will be chowing down
on Milk and Bil-Jac. 
These puppies “Love” their
Bil-Jac!!    Between the 3rd and 4th week, there
is a significant growth period.  Bil-Jac is very
nutritious for them and aids in their
Health and Development.

  Indoor Potty Training 

They’ll also start their Indoor Potty Training
this week so their transition from our home
to your home is a pleasant experience.

We have set up an Emergency Potty Area
for our pups in
our home as it is way too
cold to take
the pups outside to potty. 

 That will guarantee that the pups area
in which
they Eat and Sleep is kept
and Clean on a daily basis.


  Pics from Two Weeks to Three weeks old 
1/6/2017 thru 1/13/2017

1/13 – Selection Day Today!!

Everyone is excited to come select
their puppy today.

The Kevin Joyce family of Tulsa selected
the 1st Pick of the Males, Mr. Tan.
His new name is Disco.

The Michael Poindexter family of Owasso, Okla.
selected Miss Pink. 
She is now known as
WyngMaster Batterup
Brooklyn (Brooke).

Maurice Campbell of Tulsa, Laura Bilbruck
and son, Cal,
selected Mr. Green.  He is the
largest puppy in this
litter.  They think they
are going to call
him, Bear.

The Blagburns of Blue Ridge, Texas will be
Miss Yellow home in 3 weeks.  Her
name is WyngMaster Paisley Ann.

Ronna Poston of Salisaw, Oklahoma will
be taking Samson home on Feb. 4th.
She will give
him an exciting life, living
in the
country near Bushy Lake.


1/12/2017 – Big N and Nelli’s pups are now 3 weeks old.
They are super healthy and developing nicely.
This week-end will be exciting as our clients
are selecting their pups and giving them
their Call Name.

Miss Maia weighs 5 3/4 lbs.
New Owner:  Gary and Renee Carter,
Blanchard, Okla.

Miss Brooke weighs 5 1/4 lbs.
New Owner: Brenden Poindexter
Owasso, Oklahoma

Miss Paisley Ann weighs 5 1/2 lbs.
New Owner:  Caleb Blagburn
Blue Ridge, Texas


Brenden and Dana Poindexter is giving
Maia and Miss Paisley their First Taste
of Milk.  Their weaning process has begun.
Nelli and I will take turns feeding the pups.


1/12 – Big N and Nelli’s Males – 3 weeks old.

Samson weighs 3 3/4 lbs.
New Owner:  Ronna Poston
Salisaw, Oklahoma

NELLI'S PUP - MR. GREEN - 3 WEEKSMr. Bear weighs 6 1/2 lbs.
New Owner:  Maurice Campbell
Owasso, Oklahoma

Mr. Disco weighs 6 lbs.
New Owner:  Kevin Joyce
Tulsa, Oklahoma


1/8 – Pups being scented to fresh Pheasant Wings.
I want to thank Chuck Hendrichs for bringing me
Pheasant Wings.  That was very kind of him.

Mr. Samson

Mr. Bear

Mr. Disco

Miss Green now known as Miss Maia

Miss Pink now known as Brooke.

Miss Yellow now known as Miss Paisley Ann.


  Pics from One Week to Two weeks old 
12/30/2016 thru 1/5/2017

1/5/2017 – Big N and Nelli’s pups are now two
weeks old.  They are doing extremely well
in their Growth and Development.  They all
have their eyes open and starting
to sit, stand and walk.

First the 3 Handsome Males.

Mr. Green (Bear) – 4 lbs.

Mr. Tan (Disco) – 3 1/3 lbs.

Mr. Black (Samson) – 2 lbs.

Now for the three Lovely Females.

Miss Yellow (Paisley Ann) – 3 lbs.

Miss Green (Maia) – 3 1/4 lbs.

Miss Pink (Brooke) – 3 lbs.

All have grown immensely in the last two weeks.


1/1/2017 – Pups getting a good scent
of Mallard Duck wings.  Thanks to
Bill Mc Carthy for supplying me
with these Mallard Wings.  That
was very kid of him.

Mr. Green (Bear)

Mr. Tan (Disco)

Miss Green – (Miss Maia)

Miss Pink – (Brooke)

Miss Yellow – (Paisley Ann)


Dec. 31st – Big N and Nelli’s puppies at 10 days old.
Nelli has fed them, cleaned each one and now
it’s time for a long nap and grow some more.
They have done some healthy growing
in the last 10 days..

12/31/2016 – Happy New Year to all our clients.
These puppies will make your New Year
full of Love, Joy and Happiness!!


  Newborn to 1 Week Old 
12/22 thru 12/29/2016

12/29 – Pups are 1 week old today.  They have
grown immensely since birth.  Mom is being
fed well and her milk is very nutritious for the
Growth and Development of her pups.

Mr. Green (Bear)

Mr. Tan (Disco)

Mr. Black (Samson)

Now for the three Gorgeous females.

Miss Green (Miss Maia)

Miss Pink (Brooke)

Miss Yellow (Paisley Ann)


12/26 – Adorable Puppies are 4 Days Old.
Extremely Healthy pups that are growing
like weeds.

nellis-3-females-4-days-old~ Nelli’s 3 Adorable Females ~
Brooke, Paisley and Maia.

~ 3 Handsome Males ~
Bear, Disco and Samson.


12/23 – Pups are 1 Day Old, Plump
and Healthy!!

1st. Born – Male (Bear)

2nd Born – Male (Disco)

3rd Born – Female (Brooke)

4th Born – Female (Maia)

5th Born – Male (Samson)

6th Puppy Born – Female (Paisley Ann)

Nelli’s Christmas Pups
Born:  Dec. 22nd, 2016
Wow!! What a wonderful day!! Nelli has 6
of the most beautiful chocolate puppies.
3 Handsome
Males and 3 Gorgeous
Pups are all Well-Formed,
and Extremely Healthy.


for visiting our website today and
for taking an interest in our pups.
Have a Blessed Day!!  

 Sue Christianson
WyngMaster Labradors
of Tulsa –
(918) 834-1234

We strive for the “Finest Working Lab Pups”
and attain it!!

  17th Year of Breeding in Excellence  


God Bless America!!