Pics of Big N/Suzy’s Pups – May, 2017


Enjoy Beautiful pictures of Suzy and Big N pups
as they are being prepared for their Home
Placement in Mid June.. 

Litter Registered with the AKC and UKC

AKC Reg. – SR989946/01 – SR989946/09
UKC Reg. – R-271-176 thru R-271-184

Sire:  HRCH Big’N Chocolate Mousse, M.H.
D.O.B – August, 2011

~ Dual Registered ~
AKC Reg. Number – SR-696696/01
UKC Reg. Number – R-227-821


Dam: SHR WyngMaster Sweet Sue (Suzy)
D.O.B. – July 12th, 2015
Weighs approx. 55 lbs.

~ Dual Registered ~
AKC Reg. # – SR886442/05
UKC Reg. # – R-255-691


Big’N and Suzy’s Pups 5 Generation
Working” Lab Pedigree

“Lineage of Champions”


National Retriever Hall of Fame Heritage

Big N and Suzy’s pups National Retriever
Hall of Fame Heritage includes 49 of the
Prestigious Labradors inducted into the
Nat’l Retriever Field Trial Hall of Fame.

Suzy smiling over her 9 newborn pups.  She’s saying,
“I did it in Grand Style.”  –  May 5, 2017

Each week, I’ll be posting pictures and progress notes
of Suzy’s puppies so our clients near and far can see
their pup grow and develop into the Healthy puppy
they will be taking home at 6 weeks old.

I would like to thank all our clients who have purchased
Big N and Suzy’s Beautiful puppies,  Your new puppy
will give you and your family many, many years
of Love, Joy and Happiness.  Enjoy!!

Sue Christianson
WyngMaster Labradors
of Tulsa

Going Home Tyme!!

June 11th thru the 23rd.

June 11th – WyngMaster Queen Sierra went to live
in Arizona with my Brother,
Gary Bond
and his wife, Karen.  They had a
drive from Tulsa to Arizona.


June 16th – Mark Soltis flew in to take
WyngMaster Lord Ellis to their Loving
home in Gouldsboro, Pa.  Pups are
6 weeks old today.

Mark also got to meet Queen Nora, the 2nd puppy
that will be going to their home in Pa. 
Mark’s wife,
Kristen, will come to take Nora
home next Friday.


NELLI AND PIPPENGERS 01 June 17th – Andrea and Tye Pippenger took their
Darling pup, WyngMaster Queen Benelli
this afternoon to their home in Eufala, Okla.
Happy 15th Birthday, Tye!!


June 18th – WyngMaster Brown Waterdog ( Addie)
is going home
with Trey Allen to their home
in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Happy Father’s Day!!


June 19th – Cindy Sloan of Tulsa came to take
WyngMaster Miss JoJo home to her waiting
family.  She will
have a wonderful life.

June 20th – Sal Garofalo flew in today to take home
his puppy, WyngMaster ‘N Sweet Blue (Reign,)
back to their home in Wrightstown, New Jersey.
Sal has great
aspirations to train her up to be
his Hunting and
Hunt Test Companion and a
Home Companion for the family.


6/21 – The largest of the pups, Carter, went home
this evening with Scott Smythe to Oxford, Ks.
Scott is a Breeder/Trainer who will train Carter
to Hunt and to be a Hunt Test Companion.
When old enough, Scott will pair Carter up
with his Well-Bred female. That’s going to
be an extremely Well-Bred litter
in the future.


June 23rd – Kristen Soltis flew in to take
Suzy’s last puppy, Wyngmaster Mountain
Queen Nora home to Pennsylvania.  They
now have 2 pups from Suzy’s litter,
Lord Ellis and Queen Nora.

All 9 pups are now in their new homes. 
Everyone is so “Happy” with their new 
puppy.  Enjoy … Enjoy … Enjoy!!


June 13th – Pups are 5 1/2 weeks old.  They
were outside today scenting the whole duck.
They didn’t know quite what to think of it,
but their curiosity got the best of them.








Miss Addie


Sierra was already in Arizona at the time
these duck pics were taken.


Week of June 3rd – June 9th,
4 Weeks going on 5 weeks old.

June 8th – Can’t hardly believe that Suzy’s pups
are 5 weeks old and growing Leaps and Bounds.
.  They are
Big and Beautiful.  All between 4
and 5 1/2 lbs. 
They love their Bil-Jac
and their milk.

Tye Pippenger’s pup, Nelli.


Scott and Dara Smythe’s pup, Carter.


Mark Soltis’ pup, Ellis.


Kristen Soltis’ pup, Nora



Larre and Cindy Sloan’s pup, JoJo


Scott and Wanda Mc Collum’s pup, Sadie.


Tanner Allen’s pup – Addie


Gary and Karen Bond’s pup, Sierra.


Sal and Liz Garofalo’s pup, Reign


Outside Potty Training

SUZY'S PUPS - POTTY TRAINING6/3 – Most of the pups did their duty outside today.
We tarp underneath the crate for easy clean-up,
to keep the pups
from eating the grass and
tiny rocks.  It also keeps them from getting
dirt in their mouth.


Week of May 28th – June 2nd,
3 Weeks going on 4 weeks old.

June 2nd – Pups are 4 weeks old today and getting
to be “Big” boys and girls. This week, they are
going thru major transitions …  their weaning
has begun, their Outdoor Potty Training
begins this week and they are doing well
in their scent training.  Today, they are
being scented to Pheasant Wings.

Tanner Allen’s Pup – Miss Addie


SUZY'S PUP CARTER - PHEASANT 02Scott Smythe’s Pup – Carter


Mark Soltis’ Pup – Ellis


Scott and Wanda Mc Collum’s Pup – Sadie


Gary and Karen Bond’s Pup – Sierra


Sal and Liz Garofalo’s Pup – Reign


Larre and Cindy Sloan’s Pup – JoJo


Tye Pippenger’s Pup – Nelli


Kristen Soltis’ Pup – Nora


Weaning has begun!! 

May 31st – Pups getting their first taste
of Bil-Jac.  Wow, it didn’t take them long
to demolish their whole pan of Bil-Jac. 

May 31st, 2017 – This pup is having no problem
lapping it’s own milk. ” Not quite like Momma’s
milk, but they will get used to it.”


Random shot of puppies playing with one
of their new toys.


May 30th, 2017 – 4 Remaining Pups selected this evening.

Tanner Allen of Stillwater, Okla. selected
the 4th Female – Miss Addie.


Gary and Karen Bond of Arizona has 5th Pick
of the females. 
Her Beautiful name is Sierra.


Sal and Liz Garofalo has selected their
Darling Little Girl, Reign.

Kristen Soltis, Pa. has 7th pick of the females.
Her Adorable Mountain Queen
is named Nora.


** Selection Week **

Week of May 20th – May 27th
2 weeks going on 3 weeks old

Puppies are 3 weeks old today and have grown
dramatically this past week.  The puppies are
doing extremely well and all my clients who
selected their pups today are extremely
with their new puppy.


Andrea Pippenger and her son, Tye were
the first to select their female, Miss Benelli.

Miss Benelli – 3 weeks old


Scott Smythe drove in from Kansas and brought
his young son and his father along to help him
in his selection
of Carter.

Carter – 3 weeks old


Larre and Cindy Sloan of Tulsa were next
to select their female, JoJo.

JoJo – 3 weeks old.

Scott and Wanda Mc Collum of Edmond, Okla.
brought their family today to help them in the
selection of their Gorgeous Female, Sadie.

SUZY'S FEMALE - MISS PURPLE - 3 WKS OLDSadie – 3 weeks old.


Handsome Ellis – 3 weeks old

Mark Soltis of Pennsylvania is the new owner of Ellis.
Mark will fly to the Tulsa
Int’l Airport to take Ellis home
aboard S/W Airlines for a safe trip home.


Week of May 13th – May 19th

1 week going on 2 weeks old

5/20 – Pups are now 2 weeks old and have grown
immensely since their last pics.  They are just
as cute as they can be!!

SUZY'S FEMALE - 2 WEEKS OLD - 03Female #1

SUZY'S FEMALE - 2 WEEKS OLD - 04Female #2

SUZY'S FEMALE - 2 WEEKS OLD - 05Female #3

SUZY'S FEMALE - 2 WEEKS OLD - 06Female #4

SUZY'S FEMALE - 2 WEEKS OLD - 07Female #5

SUZY'S FEMALE - 2 WKS OLD - 02 (2)Female #6

SUZY'S FEMALE - 2 WKS. OLD - 01Female #7

Mr. Turquoise …..  He is the largest male.

Mr. Blue ….. He’s gonna be a “Big” Boy, too.
Look at the size of his feet!!


5/16 – Update of Suzy’s Pups – Puppies are 10 days old
and the smallest little girl has her eyes open. Possibly
by this week-end,
they may all have their eyes open.
They are very active
and move around with ease,
even getting up on their feet 
and walking.

SUZY'S 1ST FEMALE - EYES OPENThey make all kinds of sounds and they all sing for their
supper. They are between 1 1/2 lbs and 2 1/2 lbs.
Very healthy puppies. Momma is doing good, too.
She makes sure they are all nursing well and they
all get cleaned up before coming to the spigets
for something to drink.


5/13 – Can’t imagine that the first week of the puppies
life has flown by so quickly.  I’m proud to say
all 9 puppies are doing well.  They are so
healthy and strong
and can get from one end
of the whelping box
to the other.  Suzy can’t
hide from them.
Those pups have a “Nose”
that won’t quit!!

Week of May 5th – May 12th, 2017
Newborn Pics

May 12th – Pups are one week old today.  Nursing time
for Suzy’s 9 puppies.  We always split
the litter taking
4 puppies first and when they are done, we put the
other 5 pups for them to nurse. This makes it easier
on Suzy as 9 puppies all at the same time is a lot of
nursing. This way, they all get the same amount of
milk and are between 1 1/2  to 2 lbs. Very Happy,
Healthy and Content!!  Suzy is a very good Mommy
who just adores her fur-babies and so do I.
They all get plenty of hugs and kisses.

Suzy with her first 4 puppies.  The two Big Boys
are in the center.

Suzy wrapping up her nursing with the 5 remaining
puppies.   Momma has some of the finest milk for
her pups and they so enjoy their nursing time
with Mommy and they’re growing so fast!!


May 10th – Suzy’s 2 Males and 7 Females.
5 Days old …..  Growing like weeds!!

Male #1
Male #2


Female #1

Female #2

Female #3

Female #4

Female #5

Female #6

Female #7

All of Suzy’s pups are doing exceptionally well
and Momma is too.  Suzy is very attentive to her 
pups and has the very best milk for her babies.


May 8th –  Our puppies had their Well-Puppy
Exam and their Dew Claws removed today
by Dr. Bob and his Techs at the Catoosa
Small Animal Hospital.  They were so Happy
to see Suzy’s extremely healthy pups.


May 7th – My Grand daughter, Celeste, enjoyed coming
to visit us for the week-end and she really enjoyed
helping me
with the puppies.

Suzy’s pups are 2 days old and all doing well in their
Nursing, Growth and Development.  Suzy has
very nutritious
milk for her puppies.

2 Handsome Males – 2 Days Old


The next 4 pics are of the 7 Precious Females.
First  2 of the 7 Females!!

3rd and 4th Females born.
SUZY'S FEMALES - 2 DAYS OLD = 035th and 6th Females born. 

The 7th Female born – They are all Beautiful,
Precious puppies.


May 5th – Great pic of Suzy smiling over the birth
of her puppies.  She is a “Happy” Momma!!

Suzy with her 9 Newborn puppies.
They’re so Happy, Healthy and Content.

for visiting our website today.
Have a Blessed Day!!

Vicki Stuart, Little Suzy
and Sue Christianson
WyngMaster Labradors of Tulsa

(918) 834-1234

 17th Year of Breeding in Excellence

God Bless America!!