Puppy Pics – Big N/Faith’s Pups – July 2016


Litter Registered with the AKC and UKC

AKC Reg. – SR940920 – 01 – 10
UKC Reg. – R-264-070 – 01 – 10

Sire:  HRCH Big’N Chocolate Mousse, M.H.
D.O.B – August, 2011

~ Dual Registered ~
AKC Reg. Number – SR-696696/01
UKC Reg. Number – R-227-821


  Dam:  By His Grace WyngMaster Faith
D.O.B. – June, 2014

~ Dual Registered ~
AKC Reg. Number – SR- 835194/06
UKC Reg. Number – R-247-614

Big’N and Faith’s Pups 5 Generation
Working” Lab Pedigree


I would like to thank all our clients who have purchased
Big N and Faith’s Beautiful puppies,  Your new puppy
will give you and your family many, many years

of Love, Joy and Happiness.  Enjoy!!

Sue Christianson
WyngMaster Labradors
of Tulsa

8/14 – 8/20 – Pics from Week 5 to Week 6.

Pups are now 6 weeks old and Ready
for their new homes.

WyngMaster Brigadier General
Owner:  Jack and April Moore
Tulsa, Oklahoma

WyngMaster Trafford Whitby Jet
Owner:  Garry and Kristin Monkman
Wauconda, Illinois

WyngMaster Artemis Mc Intosh
Owner:  Ken McIntosh – Inola, Okla.

WyngMaster Bailey Lane
Owner:  Mike and Kendra Hendren
Owasso, Oklahoma

WyngMaster Autumn Blaise
Owner:  Rich and Shannon De Quaisi
Choctaw, Oklahoma

WyngMaster Cattail Kate
Owner:  Bingo and Jean Norman
Kellogg, Idaho

Kate trailed and located this Elk at 5 months old.
She did a great job trailing and finding this Elk.
 She trailed right to it!!  Priceless!!

WyngMaster Miss Della
Owner:  Mark and Kim Veith
Naperville, Illinois

WyngMaster Hunt Queen Ida Red
Owners:  Aaron and Vicki Stuart
Blanchard, Oklahoma
Co-Owner:  Sue Christianson
WyngMaster Labradors of Tulsa

WyngMaster Sweet Jenna
Owner:  Brian and Renee Shotts
Marlow, Oklahoma

Yup, it happened …..  A puppy named after me.

WyngMaster Sue Christianson (Suzy)
Owner:  Joe and Andi Weidner
Tulsa, Oklahoma


8/7 thru 8/13 – Pics from Week 4 to Week 5

Brig – 5 weeks old

Trafford – 5 weeks old

Miss Artemis – 5 weeks old

Miss Bailey – 5 Weeks Old

Miss Blaise – 5 weeks old.

Miss Cattail Kate – 5 weeks old

Miss Della – 5 weeks old

Miss Ida Red – 5 Weeks Old

Miss Jenna – 5 Weeks Old

Miss Suzy – 5 Weeks old


7/31 thru 8/6 – Pics from Week 3 to Week 4

August 6th –  Puppies are now 4 weeks old
and are drinking their own milk and chowing
down on Bil-Jac.  They are extremely healthy
and growing like weeds. 

Miss Artemis – 4 1/2 lbs.

Miss Bailey – 4 1/2 lbs.

Mr. Brig – 5 lbs.

Miss Cattail Kate – 4 1/2 lbs.

Miss Della – 4 1/2 lbs.

Miss Blaise  – 4 1/2 lbs.

Miss Ida Red – 4 1/2 lbs.

Miss Jenna – 4 1/2 lbs.

Miss Suzy – 4 1/2 lbs.

Mr. Trafford – 5 1/2 lbs.


7/31 – Big Boys and Girls lapping their own milk.
They will be chowing down on Bil-Jac on
Wednesday.  Next week, you will see  a
big growth spirt in their development.


7-24 thru 7-30 – Pics from Week 2 to Week 3

7/30 – Pups are 3 weeks old today and have grown
immensely since last week.  They’re fairly steady
on their feet now and won’t be long before
they’ll be running.

Here’s Trafford and his 4 Stunning,
Black Sisters.

Trafford at 4 lbs.

Miss Ida Red at 3 1/2 lbs..

Miss Blaise at 3 1/2 lbs.

Miss Cattail Kate at 3 1/2 lbs.

Miss Suzy at 3 1/2 lbs.


7/30 – Here’s Brig and his 4 Gorgeous,
Chocolate Sisters.

Brig at 3 1/2 lbs

Miss Artemis at 3 1/2 lbs.
Miss Bailey at 3 1/2 lbs.
Miss Della at 3 1/2 lbs.

Miss Jenna at 3 1/2 lbs.


7/26 – Pups are 17 days old and they are now
beginning their weaning process.  Here are
a few pups taking their first
taste of milk.
Some were a bit hesitant  and others
caught on to the lapping of their
milk quite quickly.


7/25 – First day pups are scenting Pheasant Wings.



7/17 thru 7/23 – Pics from Week 1 to Week 2

7/23 – A sweet pic of these two Black sisters … one
 saying to the other …  I Love you, Sis. 


7/23 – The 4 Black Females @ 2 weeks old.
All the girls are slightly over 2 lbs.

Miss Blaise

Miss Cattail Kate

Miss Ida Red

Miss Suzy


This is Trafford @ 2 weeks old … he is the
only Black Male … He’s 3 lbs.


7/23 – The 4 Chocolate Females @ 2 weeks old.
All the girls are a little over 2 lbs.

faiths-miss-artemis-2-wks-01Miss Artemis

Miss Bailey

Miss Della

Miss Jenna


This is Brig … the only Chocolate Male.
He weighs in at 2 3/4 lbs.


7/9 thru 7/16 – Faith Newborn pics.

7/16 – We have started our pups on Quail as part
of their Scenting Program.  These pups will be
very Birdy by the time of Home Placement.

These puppies are 1 week old.


7/16 – Pics of our pups @ one week old.

 4 Lovely Black Females – Reserved

2 Handsome Fellas – Reserved

2 of the 4 Chocolate Females – Reserved

2 more Chocolate Females – Available


7/12 – Faith’s 3 Day Old Puppies.  They went to the Vets
today for their Well-Puppy Exam, to get their Vitamin K
Shot and to get their Dew Claws removed. The Vet was
so pleased with Faith’s  litter and they were all deemed
Healthy and Well.  They got lots of attention from
everyone in the Vets office.  Some customers had
never seen puppies that small. They surely brought
smiles to everyone there today.

4 Gorgeous Chocolate Females,
2 of these “Beauties” are Available
to Reserve.

2 Very Handsome Males, Trafford and Brig.
Both are Reserved.

 4 Gorgeous, Black Beauty Queens,
All 4 are Reserved.


Faith’s crew of 10 precious puppies.

Born:  July 9th, 2016.
She went from 1 to 10 in 5 hours.
Mom and pups are doing awesome!!

WyngMaster Brigadier General
Handsome Fella – 9 weeks old.

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WyngMaster Labradors
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