Puppy Pics – Thunder/Nelli’s – March, 2015

4 Thunder and Nelli’s Pups
Born:  March 25th, 2015

4/15 – AKC Registration –  SR870794/01-04
UKC Registration – R-252-980, 981, 982, 983 

Sire:  WyngMaster Dakota Thunder Roux
D.O.B. – January 25th, 2010
Thunder is AKC/UKC Registered

Dam:  SageCreek’s Benelli with a Bang, Bang
D.O.B. – July 5th, 2010
Nelli is AKC/UKC Registered 



May 30th – Bart Perlman and Jake just before
leaving to go to the Tulsa Int’l Airport to fly
his pup home to California.  Jake is 9 weeks
old and weighs 25 lbs.  Bart is taking home
a Big, Bold, Beautiful WyngMaster pup.


May 18th – Jake is 7 1/2 weeks – weighs over 18 lbs.
He is being introduced to water at Lake Keystone.
Jake dearly loved the water and swims like a fish.
He’s a strong swimmer and cuts thru the water
like a motor boat!!

May 13th – 7 wks. – Jake starting his Leash
while waiting to fly home
to California.

May 6th – Bentley goes to his new home this evening

with Trace Conner and son to Seminole, Okla.  They
are thrilled with their new puppy!!  Bentley will be
Trace’s Hunting Companion this upcoming
Hunting Season and is a Loving, Home
Companion for him and his family.

I sincerely want to thank my clients for purchasing a
WyngMaster pup …. One that will give you so much
Love and Joy for many years to come.  Enjoy!!


May 6th. – Mtn. Rescue Mooka @ 6 weeks old – 10 lbs.
She’s going to be trained as an Avalanche
Search and Rescue K-9.


May 5th – Pups are now 6 weeks old and have graduated
to the Full Bodied Mallard Duck.  Awesome scenters!!

Bentley – 6 weeks old – 11 lbs.

Hooch – 6 weeks old – 12 1/4 lbs.

Jake – 6 weeks old – 12 1/4 lbs.

April 22nd – April 29th

4/29 – Pups are 5 weeks old today.  They are Big, Bold
and so Beautiful.  They will be going to their new
homes next week.  That time has gone so fast!!
They have been such a Joyful and Delightful
litter of pups.

Mtn. Rescue Mooka – 9 lbs.
New Owner –  Ryan Kerin
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Baron Bentley – 10 1/2 lbs.
New Owner – Trace Conner
Seminole, Oklahoma

Jealous Jake – 11 lbs.
New Owner – Bart Perlman
Van Nuys, California

Red River Hooch – 11 lbs.
New Owner –  Jake Jones
Seguin, Texas


4/26 – Pups are now 4 1/2 weeks old.  Pups scenting something
new and exciting – Deer Sheds.  We scent our pups to these
antlers for those who enjoy hunting for Shed Antlers.
It’s beginning to be a big sport in areas where
there are plenty of antlered animals.




Mtn. Rescue Mooka has advanced to scenting
Human Scent outdoors in preparation for her 
role as an Avalanche Search and Rescue K-9.
She’s all business!!


4/22 – Pups are now 4 weeks old and doing extremely well.
They have grown immensely this week eating their Bil-Jac  
and lapping their own milk like there is no tomorrow. Their
Outdoor Potty Training has begun and they’re beginning
to let me know they want outdoors to potty.
Very intelligent pups – Quick learners!!  

Ryan Kerin’s Mtn. Rescue Mooka – 7 1/4 lbs.
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Trace Conner’s Baron Bentley – 7 3/4 lbs.
Seminole, Oklahoma

Jake Jone’s Red River Hooch – 8 lbs.
Seguin, Texas

Bart Perlman’s Jealous Jake – 8 lbs.
Van Nuys, California

April 15th – April 21th
(Selection Week)

4/21 – Mooka has begun her scenting to Human Scent
as she is
being trained to become an Avalanche
Search and Rescue K-9 in Colorado. Here she
is scenting Ryan’s shirt that he sent for her.

Here she is getting a good scent of Ryan’s Beanie.
She will be in Human Scent Training for the next
2 weeks while the fellas continue with their Wing
Training.  They’re all doing well with their
scenting ability.


April 19th – The Male pups are now scenting their wings
outside.  All three males are being Field Prepped to be
future Hunting Companions.





4/17 – Pups are progressing well in their weaning.
They have graduated to their own pan
of milk
and Bil-Jac has been added to their 
Yum, Yum!!  They LOVE it!!


4-15 – Pups are 3 weeks old with plenty of Zip.
They are some quick movers and groovers.
So, quick, it’s takes about 20 pictures to get
one good one.  They are getting cuter and
bigger each day!!   Enjoy!!  

Mr. Red @ 7 lbs –  (Jake)

Mr. White @ 6 1/2 lbs. (Baron Bentley)

Mr. Blue @ 6 3/4 lbs (Red River Hooch)

Miss Green @ 6 lbs. – Ryan Kerin’s stout, gorgeous girl
going to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to become
Avalanche Rescue Dog has been named Mooka.
She’s built for the job!! She’ll be Big and Strong!!

 April 8th – April 14th

4/12 – Pups are 2 1/2 weeks old and weigh
between 4 1/2 and 5 lbs.  Big, Healthy Puppies!!

~ First Taste of Milk ~

Miss Green

Mr. Red

Mr White

Mr. Blue


4/8 – Peek-a-Boo, We See You!!

The puppies are now 2 weeks old and have opened
their eyes and able to see their big world.  Cuteness
really sets in when their eyes open.  These Big,
Beautiful pups weigh right at 3 1/2 lbs already.

Red Collar Male

White Collar Male

Blue Collar Male

 Green Collar Girl

They are already making big strides in getting up on
their feet, sitting and moving all around
in their whelping box!! 

 April 1st – April 7th

April 4th – Pups wishing their new owners, Ryan Kerin,
Bart Perlman, Jake Jones and Trace Conner and their
families a “Blessed” Easter Day!!  Pups are 10 Days
old and all weigh over 2 1/4 lbs.






4/1 – Pups are 1 week old today and going into their 2nd week
of life. 
They’re extremely healthy and all 4 pups are slightly
2 lbs.  Momma and her pups are doing extremely well.





March 25th – March 31st
Newborn Pics

Mar. 31st. – Pups have started their scenting of Wildlife
Wings.  Tonight, they got a good scent of these Duck
Wings.   They will continue in their Scent Training
until the day they are Ready for Home Placement.





Mar. 30th – Puppies had their Well Puppy Exam this morning
and they all passed and was deemed extremely healthy.
They’re all doing well and getting plenty of nourishing
milk from Mommy.   They all tipped the scale a little
over 1 3/4 lbs.  Their Dew Claws
were also removed
this morning for their safety. 



March 28th – Plump, Healthy Pups – 3 Days old

Thunder and Nelli’s Gorgeous Female

Thunder and Nelli’s 3 Handsome Males.
Nelli is a very
Nurturing Momma and has
extremely good milk
for her babies.


3/25 – Nelli and her 4 Big, Beautiful, Healthy
pups born today. 
Look at the Health Glow
on Momma and her pups!!  All pups born
over 1 lb, a
nice healthy weight for
newborn pups.

1st Born –  Lighter Choc. Pup – Male – Jake
2nd Pup – Darker Choc. – Female – Mooka

3rd pup – Dark Choc. – Male – Bentley

4th Choc. Pup – Male – Hooch

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