WyngMaster’s Contact Page

     Premier “Working” Labradors 

This contact page is for WyngMaster pups only.
Occasionally , we have High Quality pups listed
for area breeders.  Their contact information
is at the bottom
of their advertisement. 

~ Welcome to Tulsa, Oklahoma ~

~ Please call us for our address ~

We are easy to find in our beautiful City of Tulsa.
We live just 5 miles East of Downtown Tulsa via
Interstate 244 off the Delaware/Harvard Exit.

When you come to visit or to pick out your pup,

we’ll give you our address and directions
to get here.


 Please give us a call if you have any questions
 regarding our pups.  It’ll give us an opportunity
to answer all your questions.  

          (918) 834-1234            

for visiting our website today.

Have a Blessed Day!!
Vicki Stuart, Cute Little Suzy
and Sue Christianson

WyngMaster Labradors

  17th Year of Breeding in Excellence

Presented to us:  Aug. 19th, 2015

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We thank the Service Men and Women who are currently
serving our country a
nd the Veterans who have served
in the past.  God Bless You!!


God Bless America!!