Early Gun Dog Puppy Training


Our pups receive Early Gun Dog Puppy Training for them
to become Superior Working Labradors.    Early Puppy
Training establishes a Solid Foundation for you to build
upon.   We train our pups early and well so you can
enjoy a lifelong partnership with your extremely
intelligent WyngMaster pup.

       Pups have 70% of their Brain Mass by 6 Weeks old 

Our Early Puppy Training is a vital part of that 70% Brain
Mass by the time our pups are 6 weeks old.  It makes
the difference in our pups successful performance
as your next “Working” Labrador.  

We display action pictures and videos throughout our
website so you can see our pups excelling in their
Early Gun Dog Puppy Training.

   Check out our page titled . . . The Making of a Gun Dog. 
This is a unique Photo/Journal Training Page 
of one of
our pups from Birth (3/17/2013) thru her Training Days
to be hunting Opening Day of the 2013/2014 Hunting
Season at 5 months old. 
You’ll see what anyone of
our pups can accomplish at such a young age
with the proper Gun Dog Training Program.

              Do You Need a “Working” Labrador? 

If “Yes” is the answer to this question, do your research!!
Look for the breeders that show you their pups excelling
in their Early Gun Dog Puppy Training on their website.
If there is no evidence of Water Training their pups
or Scenting their pups etc. on their websites,
“Buyer Beware.”

There is a dramatic difference in the Performance Level of a
Labrador pup that has been Field Prepped to work vs a pup
that has had
no Early Gun Dog PuppyTraining.  Gun Dog
Breeders will
show pictures/videos on their websites
of their pups in action during their Field Preparation.

Pups that have received Early Gun Dog Puppy Training
are given a solid foundation for you
to build upon come
time for Field Training your puppy to be your next
“Working” Labrador.  That’s critically important!! 

~ From this at 6 weeks old ~
his at 6 Months old.

We deligently work with our pups to develop their Natural
    Ability to Retrieve on Land and Water.  We prep them for  
      their Field Work by scenting them daily to Upland Game    
      and Waterfowl from 3 days old until the day they     
      go to their new homes.

Our pups are Birdy and Ready for Home Placement at
weeks old and “Ready to Work” for you.  We work
our pups with basic, simple commands which gives
our pups a “Head Start” in their Field Obedience.

Video of 3 1/2 week old WyngMaster Pups
Scenting Duck and Pheasant Wings

Video of Abby’s First Retrieve to Hand
for her new owner,  Philip McCuiston


Way Da Go, Abby …  You’re Awesome!!

Shed Antler Training

Are you interested in your Labrador retrieving shed antlers?
Shed Antler Hunting has become very popular in areas
where there is an abundance of Antlered Wildlife. 
have added the scenting of Shed Antlers to our Early
Gun Dog
Puppy Training.


        Early Gun Dog Water Training         

Mid-May through October, our pups receive Water Training.
They are introduced to water at Lake Keystone at 4 weeks.
We call the Army Corp of Engineers to make sure there is
no high level of Algae in the water and check to see  that
the water temperature is between 70 and 85 degrees
for their safety and well-being.

This early training builds their Muscles, increases their Stamina
and develops their Natural Ability to Swim and Fetch in water.
This training continues until the day of placement, at which
time, they’re ready for you to continue their training to
become the Water Dog you 
desire as your next
“Working” Labrador.  

Two videos of our pups in Water Training    
           at Lake Keystone at 4 weeks old. 




  Outside Potty Training  

Valuable Additional Training

    Our pups are introduced to their Outdoor Potty   
Area at three
weeks old, at which time, we begin
their Outdoor Potty Training
on a 24/7 basis.

  Weather permitting, they are taken outside to potty
  in a timely manner.  Morning, Noon and in the
  Middle of the night, we are there to meet
   their every need.     

   We provide you this additional service for well-rounded,
pups.  We believe Outdoor Potty Training
helps our pups make 
their transition from our home
to your home a pleasant one.



WyngMaster Samwise Express (Sam)

Are you searching for a pup that has been Field Prepped
for you and transitions well into you beautiful home?

Our pups are prepared to go in any direction that you
choose to take them.  They are currently working as:
Superior Gun Dogs and Competitors in the Field,
N.E. Oklahoma Search & Rescue K-9’s,
Avalanche Search & Rescue K-9’s,
Drug Enforcement K-9’s, Service
and Therapy Dogs.

  Therapetic Service Dogs of Oklahoma 

WyngMaster Skipper

Three of our pups have been donated to Therapetic Service
Dogs of Oklahoma here in Tulsa. 
Skipper, Kate & Suzy Q.
are now grown and assisting
their partners with their
daily challenges and bringing
them Joy, Happiness
and Quality of Life.  These 3 Service Dogs
are Simply Amazing!!

Mooka is being prepared to be a Future Avalanche
Search and Rescue K-9 by scenting her to human
clothing before placement …  Born in Thunder
and Nelli’s March, 2015 Litter

Mooka is our first Avalanche Search and Rescue K-9
receiving intense Human Scent Training to intensify
the level of her scenting ability to locate and rescue
people that are buried in several feet of snow.  That
takes a Very Intelligent, Strong dog to complete the
Avalanche Search and Rescue Training Program
and be a vital part of an Avalanche SAR Team.

You would be very proud to own a WyngMaster.

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