Hunting Pictures

We are always thrilled to receive Hunting Pics from our
clients.  We want to thank all those who have sent us
these awesome hunting pics.  You will enjoy them.

WyngMaster Super Duke’s 1st Place Pic
in the Ducks Unlimited Photo Contest.

 Daniel Stein, “I Shoot ‘Em”

        “Duke Fetchs ‘Em”     

 Dan Stein, Duke & Friends enjoying a day
              of some good Duck Hunting.            

Duke is so handsome!!

     Dan Stein and his brother with some
        nice size Canadian geese.

……… A Man and his Best Friend, Ace ………

Donald Dickison and Ace – Dingman’s Ferry, Pa.

“Ace has become everything I expected and more.”
He lives to hunt.  My most memorable moment was
Ace flawlessly retrieving the pheasant that dropped
about 50 yards in the Delaware River.

Ace is Outstanding!!  

  Ace waits patiently for his command to retrieve.

Ace struttin’ his stuff at 11 Mos. Old.

Ace’s first Duck Hunt @ 1 year old
near Dingman’s Ferry, Pa.

Ace is one Outstanding Hunting Dog and a very Special
Home Companion to Don and Mary Dickison.  Don and
Mary drove from Dingman’s Ferry, Pa. to Tulsa for Ace, 

which is 2,750 miles round trip.  Ace is from
Chief & Suzy’s Oct, 2010 litter.

 Neil Norman of Kellogg, Idaho has his new Gun Dog
pup, Barbie, adventuring in the beautiful terrain of
her future hunting grounds in Northern Idaho.
Barbie is 9 weeks old.

Water retrieves?  Nothing to it, boss!!
I’m a WyngMaster.

Barbie aced hunting for Grouse and Chukers
on Opening Day of Hunting in No. Idaho.
She is Simply Amazing at 5 months old.

Click on this Video of Barbie hunting
for Neil @ 5 Mos. Old.


Barbie’s First Duck!!

Barbie’s First Goose!!

Neil Norman and Barbie @ 6 months old
Duck and Goose Hunting in Canada – Oct. 2013.


  A First for Wyngmaster Labradors  

5 month old Cattail Kate has been trained by Bingo Norman
of Kellogg, Idaho to Trail and Find his downed Big Game.
Kate is Big N and Faith’s pup from their July, 2016 litter.

Big Game Hunting – Kellogg, Idaho
December, 2016

Kate’s first elk retrieve at 5 months old. She did
a great job
trailing and finding this Elk . You
have seen her when she trailed
right to it
and then saw it.  Priceless!!

This is the 2nd pup that Bingo has flown from
Idaho to Tulsa for a Wyngmaster pup.  He has
had great success with Barbie and now again
with Cattail Kate.


Gorgeous Sunrise taken from the Duck Blind
at Fort Cobb, Okla. shared with us from
Kimberly Friesen – Tuttle, Oklahoma.

Cookie ready for the Hunt.

Beautiful pic of Cookie from the Friesen Family.
She looks just like her Momma, Suzy.

Kim Friesen  – Tuttle, Okla having a great day
Duck Hunting with her awesome WyngMaster
Duck Dog, Cookie.

Oooh, that looks awfully cold!!  Will Friesen,
a hard core Duck Hunter and Cookie
in the duck blind.

Look at those beautiful Green Heads that
Will Friesen shot.and Cookie retrieved
on that Cold Winter day.

One of the sheer beauties Hunters enjoy,
a gorgeous sunrise!!

WyngMaster Hurricane Dixie @ 5 mos. old
at Claremore Lake.  That “cold” water didn’t
phase her one bit.

Dixie’s Water Entry @ Lake Keystone,

10 Months Old.

Thunder intently watching Bill McCarthy
finish putting out decoys for the day.

Okay, Bill, I’m ready to get in the duck blind
for you to shoot some ducks for me
to retrieve.

Bill McCarthy hunting with Thunder at
Lake Claremore.  Thunder is patiently
waiting for the next round of ducks.

Bill has a deadly shot!!    If it flys … it dies!!

Thunder retrieving our ducks today. 

Bill McCarthy hunting with his “Best Friend,”
WyngMaster Chief’s Bear @ Claremore Lake.

Sue dropping her first duck – Opening Day of the 2013/2014
Hunting Season.  Wham, Bam!!   A Dead Duck!!   

My first duck, a Blue Bill Drake.    .

      8 mo. old Stella on an early morning Duck Hunt     
with Matt and Ashley Nickel near Alva, Okla.

Ashley Nickel of Alva, Oklahoma
with her ever faithful Stella.

Stella retrieving a beautiful, banded Mallard for
  her Hunting Companions, Matt & Ashley Nickel.

Matt & Ashley Nickel and crew with a nice
haul of Mallards.  Stella had her work
cut out for her.

Matt Nickel of Alva, Oklahoma.

Amos Moses waiting for another wave of ducks.

J. D. Penn and his Dad had a great morning.
Amos had his work cut out for him today.

    Robert Ritchie & friend with a nice load
of ducks for the day.

Scott Bassette and Dixie Sue
ready for a Goose Hunt. 

Awesome Twosome,  

     Ted Pelzel and Sir Biddle.    

       Stephen Pelzel loves to go Duck Hunting     
             with his Daddy and Biddle.            

      Go get ’em Stephen!!   

Peyton Galbraith of Bella Vista, Arkansas with his
first duck and faithful hunting companion, Marley.

A Hunter in Training … 5 year old Nikolas Galbraith of
Bella Vista, Ark. in the Duck Blind with his Red Ryder.

Nikolas and Peyton Galbraith with a limit of ducks
on an early, foggy morning duck hunt.

   Dakota Spirit’s first Duck Hunt
@ 6 Months Old.

    Gerald Parks, Friend and Dakota
        hauling in some ducks.   

Dakota retrieved a limit of ducks for his master,
Gerald Parks. Dakota is awesome!!  Dec. 2012.

Dakota with our morning kill, good day at quack shack.

 Rayder @ 11 months making Gavin Bell very proud.
Rayder achieved his Master Hunter Title – Oct. 2012.

       A good days work for Rayder.
Nice load of geese, fellas!! 

     Michael Irby and Drake’s first Duck
     Hunt.  Drake is only 4 to 5 mos old
in this picture.

 Beautiful Sunrise – Nowata, Okla.,
taken by Tim Lovins of Tulsa.

Tim Lovins – Tulsa, Oklahoma
Wow!!  Look at the size and wing span
of that Canadian goose!!   

        Here, Daddy, let me help ya!!

Mighty Thor cooling off in the water.
He has just turned 1 year old.

Brett Porter and Thor doing what they love
best!!  A good morning’s work for Thor. 


Mighty Thor is Brett’s Hunting and
Fishing Companion.

Sis at 18 weeks old in Gun Dog Training
with Michael Martin at Gunnerbrae Kennel
in Arkansas.  Sis is a Thunder/Nelli pup.

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