The Making Of A Gun Dog – Part 1- Barbie

At the end of the Rainbow, there is a
   Pot of Gold!!  Her Name
is “Barbie.”   

  Barbie’s Puppy Training Journal   

 We invite you to follow this unique Documentary
and Photo Journal featuring Barbie in her Field
Preparation from Puppyhood to becoming an
awesome Hunting Dog and Field Competitor.

Hi, I’m Barbie  …  Welcome to our website.  

The Making of a Gun Dog is a continued work in progress.
You will see pictures of me from birth
through my training
days to be Ready to Hunt
for my master and trainer,
Bingo Norman, on Opening Day of the 2013/2014
Hunting Season.  That gives him just 3 months
to get me trained
for that “Big Day.“ 

Dam:  Suzy                                  Sire:  Cane
 Barbie’s 5 Generation Working Lab Pedigree

Hall of Fame Heritage

Barbie’s Hall of Fame Heritage includes 40
  of the 120 “Prestigious” National Retriever 
Field Trial Hall of Famers in her pedigree.
That’s Awesome!!


It all begins with ….. WyngMaster Labradors of Tulsa.
We have provided our clients with Premier, Working
Labradors for the past 17 years. You can expect the
following achievements from any one of our pups,
Male or Female …  Black or Chocolate.
It takes Dedication and Hard Work. 

  Sweet, Precious Barbie 

Barbie is a Suzy/Cane puppy born March 17th, 2013.
She came from a litter of 7 puppies, six females and

one male. Bingo and Jean Norman of Kellogg, Idaho
fetched Barbie for his Future Gun Dog and their
Loving, Home Companion.   She was the last 
puppy available.  Oh, What a Fetch that was!! 

When our puppies are born, they’re extremely healthy.
With Healthy pups, we can proceed to prepare them

for Field Work starting at 3 days old to get them
Ready to Work for you by the time the pups are
Ready to Go at 6 weeks old.


At 3 days old, we begin scenting our pups to Upland
and Waterfowl wings. Barbie and her littermates
would scoot from the far corner of the whelping
box to take good whiffs of these wings.

Our Scenting Program develops the pups nose
to a high level of intensity so your Labrador
will have no difficulty in finding your downed
birds. Take a look at the
video below.
Awesome Pups

Video of Barbie and her littermates scenting
Pheasant & Duck Wings. (3 1/2 Weeks Old)    


From the Duck Wings, Barbie and her littermates
quickly advanced to the Full Bodied Duck.
It wasn’t long before the pups were able to

pick it up, carry and deliver it.

After the pups are 3 weeks old, they are taken outside
to scent the Waterfowl and Upland Game. The damp,
cool ground gives the pups a stronger scent of the

wildlife. Our pups remain in Scent Training until the
day of their Home Placement.


  Water Training at Keystone Lake 

It was Mid-May before Keystone Lake finally warmed up to
70 degrees.  It’s essential that the water temperature is
between 70* & 85* when introducing pups to water for
their safety and well-being. Though the water was a
bit chilly at 70 degrees, Barbie loved it and proved
to be a strong swimmer.

 2 Videos of Barbie in Water Training

First Entry:
Strong Swimmer:


Adorable Barbie – 8 Weeks Old

  Ready for Home Placement 

Bingo flew to Tulsa from Kellogg, Idaho to fly Barbie home,
so we had the Joy and Privilege of keeping her until she

was 8 weeks old.     We are so happy that Barbie and her
  littermates went to wonderful, working orientated homes. 

From Birth to Home Placement, Barbie and her littermates
were scented to Upland Game, Waterfowl, Shed Antlers,
Water Trained, Crate Trained, Outdoor Potty Trained,
Leash Trained and were given Simple Commands to

prepare them for their Field Training to become
Outstanding, “Working” Labradors.

Bingo will have many years of Hunting and Hunt Test
Pleasure with Barbie at his side.


Bingo Norman was more than ready to fly from
Idaho to
Tulsa to pick up his Barbie at 8 weeks
old. They met at
the Tulsa International Airport.
“It was love at first sight.” 

As soon as Bingo and Barbie arrived home, he took her to
adventure and swim in the mountains of Northern Idaho.
This has become a routine for them, trekking 5 to 6 miles

each day. Barbie will be a Lean, Mean, Duck and Goose
Hunting Machine come time to hunt this fall.

Bingo also loves to fish and he has himself a dedicated
Fishing Companion as well as a Hunting Companion.
That looks like so much fun!!


Barbie @ 3 months old. 

Water retrieves?  Nothing to it, Boss!! I’m a WyngMaster!! 


Today, Barbie trained at the marsh.  She did a trailing of
about 75 yards beginning on the edge of the wet marsh
through heavy tall grass, into and through heavy brush
and trees, out into the field and then returned on the
original trail with her retrieve.  She aced it!!

When I hunt the marsh,  I use a dog stand called a
porta pooch.  We hunt in some very cold conditions
and even with her
neoprene vest, she will appreciate
this.  The legs on the
stand adjusts to keep her out
of the cold water. 

The training includes not just hunting from it … she is
trained to go
back to it after delivering the bird to me.
Then, I tell her to get to her
kennel without my
company.  With only one lesson in the shop
yesterday, she will load onto the stand by
herself upon command.


Barbie, today, we are going to work on your line drills
and some 100 yard retrieves.  Show me and Maggie
just how well you can do on these drills.

Here’s Barbie working on her 1st memory line drill
and making 100 yard retrieves look real easy.
Barbie is advancing well at 3 1/2 months old.  


Barbie successfully working around and through the dekes.

Whoa, Barbie, not so fast!!  That’s a Green Wing Teal
swimming by.  You’ll have to wait till Opening Day
of Teal Season to bring me back one of those.


Barbie is progressing at breakneck speed.  She’s now
hunting well from the porta pooch, waiting to be voice
released after I have thrown the bumpers. I stand about
15 yards away and throw, allow her to sit for the count
of five after it lands, release her, she delivers to hand,
then I tell her to get
to her kennel … She‘ll go load up
on the porta pooch, then sit and wait for
the next toss.  Pretty cool!! 

Barbie @ 4 months old, training with her first Ruff Grouse.
On our evening run last night,   Barbie and Maggie were
having a wild time flushing a covey of grouse.   In a joint
retrieve, both Barbie and Maggie came out of the brush,
at the same time, with this now dead grouse in both their

mouths.  As long as we had the bird, Barbie got in some
fine practice for Grouse Season in early September.   


Bingo has Barbie in training to sit perfectly still in his kayak
and to retrieve from his kayak as well. 

Barbie’s first retrieve from Bingo’s kayak.
She has lots of gusto!!

Barbie is 4 1/2 months old and retrieves like a pro already.
She will be Ready to Hunt on Opening Day for Grouse
and Chukar in Early September.

Barbie is now 5 months old and being prepped to be run
in her first Started NAHRA Hunt Test this week-end and
for Grouse and Chukar Hunting next week.
Bingo has her
Trained and Ready to Go!!  



Bingo Norman, Barbie and Dan Hosford holding Barbie‘s
two NAHRA Hunt Test ribbons.  What an achievement
for a pup so young!!  

   ”Barbie the Wonder Dog”   

Barbie performed extremely well in her 1st Started NAHRA
Hunt Test this Labor Day week-end ~ Aug. 31 & Sept. 1st.
Barbie is only 5 months old and completed her first two
passes towards her Started Hunting Retriever Title.

   Barbie Completing Land Test

  Barbie Completing Water Test 

This was Team Work at it’s best and we’re so proud of
Barbie and Bingo … What a great Labor Day week-end
those two have had!!  A very memorable week-end in
the life of Barbie and Bingo Norman.
Wow!!  That‘s Outstanding!! 

Early September, 2013

Bingo Norman has been very diligent in training Barbie
the last three months to hunt for him on Opening Day
of Hunting Season.  This week, he‘s had the thrill of
seeing her in action retrieving Grouse and Chukars.
Barbie is Simply Amazing!!  

Click on this Video of Barbie Hunting Chukar
for Bingo @ 5 Months Old.  Enjoy!!  


Barbie’s first Duck and Goose hunt in Canada
for 9 weeks of Xtreme Hunting Pleasure!!.

~ You Shoot ‘Em, Boss ~
I’ll Fetch ‘Em Up all day long!!

October 1st – Nov. 7th, 2013
Duck & Goose Hunting in Canada.

Sue … Barbie and I have been in Canada for 5 weeks
now and Barbie has started her 1st Hunting Season
with a “Big Bang.“   We are having a “Blast”
and so far, Barbie has retrieved over 250 Ducks
and Canadian

The Ducks and Geese are flying in record numbers
in Canada and Barbie is retrieving limits
everyday!!    I am
so proud of Barbie‘s high
performance at the young age
of 6 mos old.

It will soon freeze over here and the ducks and geese will
be headed South.   It will soon be time to head back to
our home in Idaho.  Enjoy these pictures and videos of
Barbie’s first Duck and Goose Hunt.  She is an
Outstanding Hunting Dog!!

Bingo is so proud of Barbie’s ability to retrieve
his game birds and is thoroughly enjoying
hunting with her in Canada.  She’s just 6 1/2
months old in this picture.  That’s quite a
days work for Barbie.  She’s a go-getter!!



November 27th, 2013

Sue, it’s frozen over in Canada now.  Barbie and I are back
in Idaho enjoying the Thanksgiving Holiday.
Barbie and I
have been hunting in Canada for 9 weeks.

Barbie retrieved over 400 Ducks and Geese combined in
those 9 weeks.  Oh, what a time we had!!  I am 
so very
proud of her ability to retrieve my game birds and
she’s now only 8 months old.

 Now that our hunting season is pretty much over due to
the frigid, cold weather, Barbie is being
prepared for a
new adventure.   I am now training her for her NAHRA
Working Retriever Title. 
She is simply amazing!!

Bingo Norman, Kellogg, Idaho


AUGUST 23, 2014

  Barbie earns her NAHRA Working Retriever Title 

WR WyngMaster Playmate Barbie

Barbie achieved her NAHRA Working Retriever Title
at the Spokane
Bird Dog Association on Aug. 23, 2014
at 1 1/2 years old.  Another memorable week-end
in the life of Barbie, Bingo and Jean Norman. 

Barbie was also awarded the Distinguished 2014
 Intermediate High Point Dog of the Year Award 

Spokane Bird Dog Association – Feb. 7th, 2015.

Owned and Trained By:
Bingo Norman – Kellogg, Idaho

Congratulations to my WyngMaster “B” Team
Bingo and Barbie.

Job well done!!



 One Year Later  … October 1st, 2014
 2nd Hunting Season in Canada

WR WyngMaster Barbie @ 1 1/2 years old
and Bingo Norman of Kellogg, Idaho.

Hey, Boss …
You shoot ‘em … I fetch ‘em.
I’m a WyngMaster!!

Opening Day of the 2014/15 Duck and Goose Season
in Canada, Bingo and Barbie are off
with a “Bang.”
Limited out on Ducks and
Geese opening day!!
They’ll enjoy the next nine weeks of their time
together in their quest for Xtreme Duck and
Goose Hunting Pleasure.

BARBIE -SUNRISE IN CANADAEarly morning sunrise canoeing thru
the beautiful waterway in Canada.

Starting to freeze over in Canada … Ducks and
Geese will be flying South very soon.

“A Man and his Dog”

Bingo and Barbie wrapping up their awesome 9 week
 Xtreme Hunting excursion to Canada for the 2014/15
They are now heading home to Idaho to
advance Barbie towards her NAHRA MHR Title.  

Barbie gets no break in the action as she is now
being prepared to run in Hunt Tests for her MHR
this Summer in Palmer, Alaska.  Bingo and Barbie
are so dedicated to each

Barbie is “Simply Amazing.”


MHR, WR WyngMaster Playmate Barbie

Barbie aced her Hunt Test in Palmer, Alaska to earn her
NAHRA Master Hunter Retriever title on June 20th, 2015.
Midnight Sun Gun Dog Association.

This is an exceptional achievement for a 2 year old.
The hunt tests were very good examples of what
a dog should be able to do when they are
of the senior quality.

Bingo and Jean Norman
Kellogg, Idaho


For the 2nd year in a row, Barbie has been awarded
NAHRA’S Distinguished High Point Dog of the Year
Award for 2015 – this time in the Senior Division
from the Spokane Bird Dog Association

Congratulations to Bingo and Jean Norman
on Barbie’s awesome achievement!!


What’s Barbie next feat?  She will be entered
in the NAHRA Master National Invitational
June 8th – 12th,  2016 in Clear Lake, Wisc.
Strut your stuff, Barbie!!


 Barbie with her Master Nat’l Inv. Ribbons  

MHR, WR WyngMaster Playmate Barbie ran in the NAHRA
Master National
Invitational in Clear Lake, Wisconsin and
passed her Land, Upland/Trailing Test and her Water Test
this past week,
June 8 – 12th, 2016. She smoked it!!
Barbie now joins the All-American
North American
Hunting Retriever Assn. team.

Congratulations Barbie, Bingo and Jean Norman
of Kellogg, Idaho!!

Barbie’s next run will be for her Grand Master
Hunter Retriever title at the
end of August.
Barbie, Strutt Your Stuff!!  You know how
to get’r done!!


Barbie and Bingo Did It Again!!!!!

GMHR WyngMaster Playmate Barbie

Barbie earned her NAHRA Grand Master Hunter
Retriever title – May 27th – May 28th, 2016
from the Spokane Bird Dog Association.

Congratulations to Barbie, Bingo
and Jean Norman of Kellogg, Idaho.

Great Accomplishment for a 3 year old!!!


2/14/2017 – Barbie has done it again in her Field
Performance!!   Barbie is awarded the High Point Dog
of the Year
for the 3rd Year in a row!!

WyngMaster Playmate Barbie has been awarded
the 2016 Senior Open High Point Dog of the Year.
She has been awarded the High Point Dog of the
Year for 3 years in a row by the Spokane Bird Dog
Association.  .What an awesome achievement
for a gal that isn’t quite 4 years old as yet. 

Congratulation to Bingo and Jean Norman
of Kellogg, Idaho.  Barbie’s Field Performance
has been “Spectacular.”

A “Special” Thank You, Bingo and Jean, for inviting me
to Idaho to spend time
with you, Jean,  Barbie and
Maggie.  It was so exciting to
see Barbie run for
her Working Retriever  title.  She made us all
so very proud. 
I appreciated all the hospitality
and kindness you shared with me
I was there visiting you and Jean.
What a fun trip that was!! 

  Your Dedication to Barbie, your Training Ability, Patience
Determination has been the key to Barbie’s success as
your Outstanding Gun Dog.
Through your effort to Field
Train Barbie well, she’s not only an awesome hunting
dog but  Barbie  is also  successful  in her
Hunt Test

I also want to Thank You for sharing all these wonderful
Hunting Pics, Hunt Test Pics and Videos of you and
Barbie with me
and to those entering our website. I have
enjoyed each and every one of them
and my clients have thoroughly enjoyed this
documentary on Barbie, too.


Bingo and Jean Norman took home their 2nd puppy,
WyngMaster Cattail Kate, which they have waited
quite some time for.  Cattail Kate was born on
July 9th, 2016 in the Faith / Big N Litter.
Kate will follow in Barbie’s footsteps.

Read all about Cattail Kate in her Documentary:
The Making of a Gun Dog – Part 2 – Kate.

You will enjoy it!! 

Sue Christianson

WyngMaster Labradors
(918) 834-1234

    17th Year of Breeding in Excellence   
of American Labradors

GMHR WyngMaster Playmate Barbie


God Bless America!!