Sue’s Amazing Duck Hunt

I was invited to go Duck Hunting this morning by our WyngMaster
Client, Friend and Avid Hunter, Bill McCarthy.  I left the house at 

4:30 a.m. and we arrived at the duck blind on Claremore Lake
around 6 a.m.   
We were greeted by some crisp, cool air and
a little fog that burned off relatively fast.  The sunrise was
absolutely beautiful and various waterfowl were flying
It was time to call in the ducks


This is my good friend, Bill McCarthy and his best friend, Bear.
Bill was the first to shoot a duck this morning, a Mallard Hen.
It was such a thrill to watch Bear retrieve his duck with such
intense d
esire.  Bear is 18 months old and he is out of Chief
and Suzy’s May, 2011 litter.   “Awesome” hunting dog!! 

I will soon be 70 years old and I had never been Duck Hunting
or fired a gun in my life. 
Bill insisted: “Sue, It’s Better Late
than Never.”    He didn’t have to twist my arm too hard for
me to accept his hunting invitation, get a Hunting License
and a Migratory Duck Stamp and get up real early this
morning to experience my first Duck Hunt.

 Bill brought along a 20 gauge Mossberg for me to shoot with.
  He loaded the gun for me, showed me how to lock and unlock
gun and said,   “Sue, when the ducks are within range,
unlock the gun, take aim, put the bead in front of the ducks

and shoot.  I was now ready to give it my very best “Shot.”  

           Ducks Beware!!  Sue is here!!             

So, here I am in the Duck Blind, aiming at a Blue Bill Drake
that was dropping
into our spread. The sun was extremely
but I managed to keep the duck in my line of sight.
I fired my first shot  –  Wham Bam!! 
A Dead Duck!!
Amazing Shot!!  Both of us were soooo surprised!!
Talk about Beginner’s Luck … I surely had some!! 

 Wow, here I am with my first duck, a beautiful Blue Bill.  Bear
wasted no time in retrieving my duck for me.    It was such a
pleasure to watch one of our grown WyngMaster Duck Dogs
working as he was bred, raised and trained to do.  This is
Bear’s first hunting season and he is on “fire.”  


It was a perfect, beautiful morning to go duck hunting.
Bill and I each shot a duck today and we had Good

Ole Bear there to retrieve the Mallard Hen and the
Blue Bill for us.  What a great way to start a day!!
I will remember my first duck hunt forever.
It was simply amazing!!

Thank you, Bill, for taking me duck hunting for the first
in my life and giving me the opportunity to see
Bear in
action.  He’s awesome!!  I was having just
too much fun this morning and enjoyed every
minute of it.  Bill, thanks again and I really
appreciate your kindness.

   for visiting our website today.
Have a Blessed Day!! 

         Sue Christianson            
  WyngMaster Labradors  
  (918) 834-1234      

   17th Year of Breeding in Excellence  


God Bless America!!