Happy, Satisfied Clients

It is our Goal that every client of ours is Happy
and Satisfied with their puppy by providing you
with an Ultimately Healthy pup that has been
Early Gun Dog Puppy Trained to work for you. 

Neil Norman travelled 1708 miles one way
from Kellogg, Idaho for Barbie.

Hi Sue …  All is well in Idaho.  I have hunted with Labradors for
30 years and trained all of my hunting dogs and it looks
like Barbie will easily out do all of them.

She heals without a leash, sits, comes when called and swims
like a duck.  She makes no noise unless she really
something and only gets up at night because I do
I get her up. 
She retrieves with great enthusiasm and
delivers to
hand and releases without a fuss.

She has learned to stay out of Jean’s flower beds.  I must admit
that, even though she doesn’t venture into the flower beds;
she will still, once in a while, sample the flavor of a new
flower or strawberry by reaching over the edging.

Barbie is growing like a weed and is no longer a lap dog, but,
she is still trying to fit.  She’s getting into great shape
5 to 6 miles a day with me in the mountains. She is braving
up well, venturing into the brushy cover well 
on her own.
It is hard to imagine that she is only
10 weeks old. 

Water retrieves?  Nothing to it, boss!!
I’m a WyngMaster!!

NAHRA Hunt Tests – Spokane Bird Dog Assn.

Neil Norman, Barbie and Dan Hosford holding Barbie’s
NAHRA Achievement Ribbons.  Awesome!!   

   ”Barbie the Wonder Dog”   

Barbie performed extremely well in her 1st Started NAHRA
Hunt Test this Labor Day week-end ~ Aug. 31 & Sept. 1st.
Barbie is only 5 months old and completed her first two

passes towards her NAHRA Started Hunting Ret. Title.

Barbie also Aced her first day of hunting!!

Barbie has been in Field Training for the last three
 months to hunt for me in Early September on
Opening Day
of Hunting Season.  This week,
I took her hunting for
Grouse and Chukars.
She made me so proud!!

Thanks again, Sue, for the great start you gave
BarbieShe is Simply Amazing!!

Neil Norman – Kellogg, Idaho 


Donald Dickison and WyngMaster Ace of Spades
   Dingman’s Ferry, Pennsylvania

 Sue …. You asked me when we got back to Pennsylvania
if I would drive the 2,750 miles again for Ace.   Definitely!!
Ace is in great shape and loves to hunt.  He has grown to
be an awesome hunting dog and nothing deters him
from his mission.  


Ace gets in his blind, lies down and patiently waits to retrieve.
He doesn’t bark, whine or make any noise.  I have had great
Labs in the past, but I can honestly say that Ace is the most
Well – Behaved and Obedient Lab that I’ve ever had.  Ace
has an incredible nose, steady to shot and retrieves on
command.  He is beat when we get home, but he is
ready to go again the next day.
I am very happy with Ace.   


Ace struttin’ his stuff @ 11 months old

Ace and I had a “Great” hunting season.   I am still amazed
at how well Ace did when he was not even a year old.  Mary
and I just love Ace and I’m so glad we drove to Tulsa for my
Hunting Buddy and Home Companion.  Ace couldn’t be
bought from me for any amount of money  

      Donald Dickison
   Dingman’s Ferry, Pennsylvania


Ted Pelzel, Stephen and Sir Biddle

 Sue, thank you for bringing Biddle into our lives.  Without your hard
work and effort to raise such very fine dogs, keep accurate records
and starting your pups off in the right direction from the day they
are born,  we would not have Biddle.

 He knows those bird feathers and gets very excited when we are
getting our hunting gear together.  He is a natural
 born swimmer
and loves the water like no other dog we
have ever had.  Biddle
loves to hunt and has become 
a Superior Hunting Dog.  

The other side of Biddle, he is our family dog.  He is very loved.
He is our baby’s best friend and constant companion when we
aren’t hunting.  A true part of our family in every way.

Ted Pelzel – Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas


Hi Sue ……. I took Biddle to Iowa last week-end.
He was awesome!!  Never slowed down the
entire week-end.  His drive is unbelievable.
Truly a blessing for our family.

  Ted Pelzel and Family
 Fort Leavenworth, Kansas



 Sue …… Rayder and I had a wonderful hunting season!!
  We bagged 242 birds this year.  Rayder, at a year old,
picked up those birds with style!!  He loves his work
more than I can describe.  It is just incredible
to watch him retrieve.

He is smashing doubles in training and running 100 yard
blinds with ease.  Needless to say, we’re going to work
on his Senior Hunter Title this spring.  If all goes as
we will finish his Senior Hunt Title at the
Retriever Club’s Hunt Test this spring. 

Gavin Bell
Duncan, Oklahoma


Hi Sue …. Rayder passed his Junior and Senior
AKC Hunt Test in Back-to-Back week-ends.
May, 2011

 WyngMaster Pirate of the Plundered Fowl, M.H.  (Rayder)

We are very proud of Rayder’s achievements!! Rayder earned
his Master Hunter Title at Bryan-College Station, Texas
October 13th & 14th, 2012. 
Rayder will begin a new
and exciting Field Trial
Career in Spring, 2013.   

Gavin Bell – Duncan, Okla.


Will Friesen & WyngMaster Sugar Cookie

  Hi Sue … We would really like to thank you for the Early Gun
Dog Puppy Training you did with Cookie.  She’s become an
awesome Huntin’ Dog!!  I’ve had several Labradors before,
but none has compared to her WyngMaster genes.

Cookie, at 8 months old, has been retrieving like a Pro.  I have
never had a dog like Cookie.  She has the best nose I have
ever seen.  Her scenting ability is just outstanding and her
favorite thing to do is hunt up those ducks.  She hears that
duck hit the water and she is just itching for her command
to go get her retrieve.

Cookie goes to work with me every morning and sleeps in her
kennel beside my bed every night. She is an awesome Huntin’
Dog and Family Companion and there’s not enough money
in the world to buy Cookie from me.  If you need a referral,
my phone line is always open to your clients.

Thanks again, Sue
Will Friesen & Family
Tuttle, Oklahoma


Chief and Duce

Hi Sue ……  It’s good that your friend took you hunting.
I’ll take you hunting next year to see both your boys in
action.  They are both beautiful, healthy dogs. Duce is
the best looking Chocolate Lab that I have ever seen
and he’s about 75-80 lbs.    He is a big sweetheart.
I love them both and they’re a big part of our family.
If you ever need a reference, have your clients
give me a call.

 David Bootenhoff
Tulsa, Oklahoma


WyngMaster’s Honor America

Sue …..… Thank you for your continued interest in Honor
his progress from puppy to adulthood.  We are at the
the six month mark and Honor has grown to be a healthy
 weighing 47 pounds.  Honor is happiest when he’s
swimming, running or hanging out with his best friend
and surrogate Dad, Scottsdale.

Honor is incredibly intelligent and learns something new
Sometimes, we have a corrective action
conversation about the things he learns.  Honor is so
smart, he graduated from his Obedience Class:
Valedictorian, Summa Cum Laude.

Honor has the best personality that I have ever witnessed
in a dog.    When he looks into my eyes – I JUST MELT!!
Everyone marvels at his intelligence, his beautiful frame,
shiny coat and his true puppy happiness.  Thank you
for making the purchasing process and my trip from
Las Vegas to Tulsa to pick up Honor easy and fun.

Stephanie and Honor (Arf, Arf)
Las Vegas, Nevada

WyngMaster’s Honor America, S.H.

Honor achieved his title at the Lassen California

Retriever Club on the week-end of

August 10th and 11th, 2013.

We thank these clients who have sent these Pics
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Have a Blessed Day!!

WyngMaster Labradors
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   17th Year of Breeding in Excellence 


God Bless America!!