Stud Service Agreement

WyngMaster Chief’s Black Bear

Owner:  Bill Mc Carthy
Claremore, Okla.

$750 – Artificial Insemination Only

Just Waterfowl Labrador Stud Service provides a Superior
Quality Stud Service to our clients who want a Superior
Field Quality litter of pups.  We serve Breeders of
Excellence who have their Healthy, Well-Bred 
Female Lab Registered with the AKC and/or
the UKC.  We do not serve breeders
of Dilute Labradors.

l.   You must have Genetic Health Clearances – OFA or
Penn-Hip X-rays on Hip and Elbows.and her Eye Exam.
She must also be EIC/CNM – CLEAR,
have a Brucellosis
test done within 30 days
of breeding, and up-to-date
on her Rabies Vaccine.

Please email your Clearances to Sue Christianson at along with her
3 to 5 Gen. pedigree before breeding takes place.

2.  Your female will be Artificial Inseminated at the Catoosa
Small Animal Hospital either by Surgical A.I. or a
Side by Side A.I., which will be your choice.
Sue Christianson will take care of all the
arrangements of the breeding.

3.  Please call Sue Christianson at (918) 834-1234 to make
the arrangements to have your female bred to Bear.
The $750 Stud Fee  is paid in cash
to Sue before
the breeding takes place.

4. Your female will be bred to WyngMaster Chief’s Black
Bear, a Tri-Factored Black Male  …  Date of Birth is:
May 20th, 2011.   Bear’s Penn-Hip
X-ray is Normal
DI-Left – 0.41 & DI-Right – 0.47,  Eye Exam – Clear
and he is EIC/CNM – Clear.  Dual Registered with:
AKC # SR676968/03 …  UKC # R-223-498

The Vet Fees for the A.I. are separate from the Stud Fee
and our client is responsible for all Vet fees for the A.I.,
Progesterone Tests, Boarding Fee, etc.

5.  A repeat breeding to Bear will take place if your female
does not have at least 3 puppies by Surgical A.I.  We do not
guarantee a repeat breeding to Bear if you go with a
Side by Side A.I. as they are not as reliable as the
Surgical Inseminations.

                   Registered Owner of Dam:  ___________________________

Address: ___________________________________________

Name of Reg. Dam:___________________________________

Date of Birth ______________  Reg. #____________________

Both the Registered Owner of the Dam and Co-Owner must
sign and agree to the terms of this agreement.  All parties
release William (Bill) Mc Carthy and Sue Christianson from
any and all legal actions pretaining to this breeding.
Thank you for choosing Bear to sire your next litter.

Owner of Dam:  ________________________ _____

Co-Owner __________________________________

Owner of Bear _______________________________

    Date of Agreement: ___________________________    


God Bless America!!