The Making of a Gun Dog – Part 2 – Kate

  Cattail Kate’s Puppy Training Journal   

 We invite you to follow this unique Documentary
and Photo Journal featuring Kate in her Field
Preparation from Puppyhood to becoming
a High Performance Hunting Dog
and Hunt Test Companion.

Hi, I’m Cattail Kate  …  Welcome to our website.

The Making of a Gun Dog is a continuous work in progress.
You will see pictures of me from birth through my training
days to be Ready to Hunt for my Master and Trainer,
Bingo Norman of Kellogg, Idaho.

Bingo flew to Tulsa to take me home on Aug. 29th, 2016,
just in time for his hunting season to begin in Idaho.
No doubt, I’ll be scenting lots of fresh killed Upland
Game and Waterfowl at a very young age in
preparation to become his future Hunting
and Hunt Test Companion.

Kate is Bingo Norman’s 2nd WyngMaster puppy.
Three years ago, he fetched Barbie and you can
read all about Barbie, Kate’s new mentor, in:
The Making of a
Gundog – Part 1.  Kate will
follow in Barbie’s footsteps.

Kate’s Sire:  HRCH Big’N Chocolate Mousse, M.H.
D.O.B – August, 2011


  Kate’s Dam:  By His Grace WyngMaster Faith
D.O.B. – June, 2014

Cattails Kate’s  5 Generation
Working Lab Pedigree

Kate’s Hall of Fame Heritage

Kate’s National Retriever Hall of Fame Heritage
includes 51
of the 120 “Prestigious” Labradors  
inducted into the National Retriever Field Trial
Hall of Fame in her pedigree.

That’s Awesome!!

It all begins with ….. WyngMaster Labradors of Tulsa.
We have provided our clients with Premier, Working
Labradors for the past 17 years. You can expect the
following achievements from any one of our pups,
Male or Female …  Black or Chocolate.
It takes a lot of Patience, Dedication
and Hard Work. 

  Sweet, Precious Kate 

Kate is a Faith/Big N puppy born July 9th, 2016.
She came from a litter of 10 puppies, 4 Black
Females, 4 Chocolate Females, 1 Black Male
and 1 Chocolate Male.

Bingo and Jean Norman of Kellogg, Idaho
fetched Kate for his Future Gun Dog and their
Loving, Home Companion.  

When our puppies are born, they’re extremely healthy.
With Healthy pups, we can proceed to prepare them

for Field Work by starting to scent our pups early to
Upland Game and Waterfowl to get them Ready
Work for you by the time the pups are
Ready to Go to their new homes.


Cattail Kate scenting at a very young age …  Just days old.
.   Doesn’t even have her
eyes open but she scoots to the
bird wings strictly using her nose.

Kate scenting Pheasant Wings at 2 weeks old.
Awesome scenter!

From 3 days old until the day they go to their new homes,
we scent our pups to Upland Game and Waterfowl.  Our
Scenting Program develops the pups nose to a high
level of intensity so your Labrador will have no
difficulty in finding your downed birds.


From the Upland Game and Waterfowl Wings,  Kate and her
quickly advanced to the Full Bodied Duck.
It wasn’t long before the pups were able to
pick it up,
carry and deliver it.


  Water Training at Keystone Lake 

It’s essential that the water temperature is between
70* & 85* degrees when introducing pups to water
their safety and well-being.  Just before Kate
was to leave for her new home in Idaho, the water
was slightly under 85 degrees.  Perfect for us to
introduce Kate to the water.  She just
loved it
and proved 
to be a strong swimmer.

Adorable Kate – 7 Weeks Old

  Ready for Home Placement 

Bingo flew to Tulsa from Kellogg, Idaho to fly Kate home
In-Cabin, so we had the Joy and Privilege of keeping
her until she
was old enough to fly.  We are so happy
that Kate and her
littermates went to wonderful,
working orientated homes. 

From Birth to Home Placement, Kate and her littermates
were scented to Upland Game, Waterfowl, Water Trained,
Crate Trained, Outdoor Potty Trained and were given
Simple Commands to
prepare them to become
Outstanding, “Working” Labradors.

Bingo will have many years of Hunting and Hunt Test
Pleasure with Kate at his side.

Jean Norman welcomes her new puppy home.
She just Loves and Adores her new fur-baby.
Kate is their 2nd WyngMaster puppy.  Kate
has a Big Sister, WyngMaster Barbie to play
with now.  Barbie is now 3 years old
and loves her new playmate..

As soon as Bingo and Kate arrived home, he took her to
adventure in the mountains of Northern Idaho with her
new playmate Barbie. This is a daily routine for them,
trekking 5 to 6 miles each day. Kate will be a Lean,
Mean, Duck and Goose Hunting Machine when
she is thoroughly trained to hunt for Bingo.

 Cattail Kate has no fear, a real brush buster. She found
buddy dog, Barbie, was a good guide dog.  She also
found a turkey feather and that the cold water creeks
are great to drink from, but a little surprising to swim in.

Here she is venturing out for her first swim
in a cool mountain creek.  She is Very Bold
and Adventurous!! 
She’s a Keeper!!


Kate is now 8 weeks old.  Cuteness Plus!!


Bingo started Kate in her Basic Obedience just as soon
as he flew her home to Idaho.  A good “Working”
Labrador starts with Obedience.  She is 8 weeks
old and Bingo is training her to heal, sit, stay
and come and she is doing pretty good
for such a young pup.

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Bingo is working with Kate in retrieving Partridge
and Pheasants. 
Kate is now 10 weeks old.

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She is a “Keeper.”.

Kate is now 11 weeks old and Bingo has her out
training her daily She is retrieving well and
delivering to hand.  Bingo is very proud
of her progress.  Look at her work
in the video below.

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A new experience for Kate at such a young age.

This is Big Game season in Kellogg, Idaho.  Kate is
being trained
to trail wounded Deer and Elk.  She is
pictured here with her
Big Sis, BarbieWe will hear
more about Kate and her Trailing progress
as the
Big Game Season progresses.

Cattail Kate, 14 weeks old, in training to sit quietly
and perfectly still in Bingo’s kayak. All this training
is done in Bingo’s garage before taking her out
for the real thing.   She is very close to have
her first Duck hunt of the season.


Kate’s first Pheasant on her first Pheasant hunt with Bingo.
Barbie is sitting so proud of her little playmate,  Kate is now
4 months old.  Won’t be long now before Kate will be
retrieving Ducks and Geese.  She is awesome!!


12/7/2016 – Kate’s first Duck Hunt in Kellogg, Idaho
where it’s getting very cold and freezing over.  Kate
is only 5 months old and she’s an awesome
hunting dog!!


Big Game Hunting – Kellogg, Idaho
December, 2016

Kate, at 5 months old, did a great job
trailing and finding this Elk for Bingo.
he trailed right to it.   Priceless!!


Spring has sprung!!  Bingo has been preparing
Cattail Kate
to perform in Nahra Hunt Tests.
This past week-end, she
performed in typical
WyngMaster fashion. She did a
wonderful job!!
Very, Very proud of her.  Kate qualified in the

in the NAHRA Started and Hunter stakes
both on Sat.
and Sunday for 4 ribbons.

I heard nothing but high compliments regarding
her performance and her conformation.  She
handled all of these tests with such ability.
She had a perfect score and got all 10’s
in one of her stakes.

Next Spring, Kate will be back to running
in NAHRA hunt tests for her Working
Retriever title and possibly for her MHR.

September 1st, 2017 – Hunting Season
has begun in Kellogg, Idaho.

Cattail Kate brings back her first Pheasant
of the season for her owner, Bingo Norman
of Kellogg, Idaho.

Bingo will have an amazing Hunting Season with Kate
and her Big Sis, Barbie, retrieving all his Upland Game
and Waterfowl for him.  A whole new adventure for
Cattail Kate as this is her first Hunting Season.

for visiting us today.   Check back
occasionally to see how far Kate

has advanced in her training.

17th Year of Breeding in Excellence

God Bless America!!