WyngMaster’s Professional Services


We Provide Well-Bred, Healthy Gun Dog Pups

WyngMaster’s #1 priority is providing our clients

with Well-Bred, Field Prepped pups that are born
Extremely Healthy.   From a Healthy beginning,
we can proceed to prepare them to Work
for you by the time the pups are Ready
Home Placement.
In the next 6 to 7 weeks, our pups are introduced
to Upland Game and Waterfowl, Water Trained
between Mid May and Mid October when the
temperature of the water is between 70* and
85* deg.  Weather permitting,
all of our pups
are Outdoor Potty Trained for Well-Rounded,
Exceptional puppies.

From the time they are born to the day they go 
to their new homes, they are stimulated in their
learning process and socialized to children,
adults and other animals.

We take pride in providing you and your family
with the Finest, Healthiest Gun Dog pup for
many years
of Love and Happiness from
your Hunting and Family Companion

Sue Christianson



Advertising Pups for Area Breeders

Breeders of Excellence who wish for me to advertise
your pups on our WyngMaster
Website,  please call
Sue at  (918) 834-1234  for the Advertising Fee.
I screen each
Breeder to make sure their pups
are worthy of being
advertised on our website.

Advertising References
Cindy Leonard – (918) 542-2362
Mary Westbrook – (918) 809-4326
Bill McCarthy – (918) 527-2528 
Al Draper – (918) 915-0519  
Nathan Patterson – (615) 351-1883
Gigi Strauss – (314) 324-2486
Lisa Foster – (918) 394*2867
Brandy Kronyak – (973) 835-7966
Carla Brown – (417) 235-8241
Craig De Vore – (479) 799-8889
Steve Coker – (918) 237-2234
Tommy Chesbro – (918) 633-2962


Hall of Fame Research for your Lab(s)

I have spent years researching pedigrees for the Hall of Famers
that have been inducted into the National Retriever Field Trial
Hall of Fame.  Clients who value this information want to know
the full extent of their pups pedigrees k
nowing it increases the
value of their Pups and their Stud Dogs.  Please give me a call
at: (918) 834-1234 if you, too, would like a complete list
of the Prestigious Hall of Famers in your Labs pedigree.
It will simply Amaze you!! 

Whelping Pups for Other Breeders

 Nelli’s 12 pups successfully whelped.
Momma is Happy!! 

There are newbies coming into the Breeding Business
in our area with very little or no knowledge of whelping
puppies.  I
t is very critical that every puppy is attended
to at birth, after birth and given every chance to live. 

If you feel a need for someone with experience to assist
you in the
whelping of your pups, give me a call.  I have
been whelping pups for 17 years
.  If I can be of
assistance to you, call Sue @ (918) 834-1234
for the Whelping Fee..

 for visiting our website today.
Have a Blessed Day!!  

Sue Christianson
  WyngMaster Labradors
(918) 834-1234

    17th Year of Breeding in Excellence    

God Bless America!!